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Turn in your order to JT Gall, on the second Sunday of each month.    STRAWBERRY  FEST  is SUNDAY  JUNE 11 !!!  We can hardly wait!  CAN YOU HELP???  We need BAKERS for our FANTASTIC BAKE SALE, & folks to help in the kitchen, & people to fill orders for drinks, & the loan of MANY card tables & large coolers, &

folks to sell tickets for our INCREDIBLE RAFFLE!  It’s going to be SENSATIONAL,

so PLEASE  INVITE  EVERYONE YOU KNOW, & even folks you DON’T know, to be with us between 11:30 & 3:00 that day, to eat our delicious SHORTCAKES, & SUNDAES, & HOT DOGS, & BRATS, & PIZZA, & CHOCOLATE-COVERED STRAWBERRIES, & NACHOS.