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Church Office (414) 453-3710 Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Church School

9:30 AM 10:45 AM

“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”



September 6 – September 27, 2015


Sun Sept 6 – 9:30 AM Communion Worship

First Reading: Psalm 125

Second Reading: James 2:8-17

Sermon: “On A Mission”

Liturgist: Dick Kloes

Children’s Message: Pastor Kevin

Servers: Lori Johnson, Dan Lefevre


Sun Sept 13 - 9:30 AM “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Mark 8:27-38

Second Reading: Isaiah 50:4-9a

Sermon: “To Teach or Not to Teach”

Guest Preacher: Mark Brodaczynski

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Janice Pendergast


Sun Sept 20 - 9:30 AM RALLY DAY *

First Reading: Psalm 1

Second Reading: James 3:13-18

Sermon: “Wisdom Is Kind”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Kristina Tarvid


Sun Sept 27 - 9:30 AM “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Psalm 124

Second Reading: Mark 10:38-41

Sermon: “Is For Us!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: JT Gall


RALLY DAY is Sun., Sept. 20, & we’ll kick off the Sunday School year with the movie “Despicable Me”, down in Jack Reichert Hall. It’s an animated feature, first released on “big screen” in 2010, & has a wonderful message for all ages. It’s also the movie in which we’re introduced to the Minions, whimsical little creatures who play a HUGE roll in this delightful movie. We’ll watch the first half on the 20th, & the 2nd half on Sept 27. Plan to be with us -- & invite all the kids you know, to come watch it! (The “baddie” in the movie finds that the love of 3 orphaned girls makes profound changes for the better in his life, & himself.) A MUST SEE!


Dedication of our new SIGN on Aug. 2 was such a happy occasion! Many, many thanks to Phyllis DiPronio & Sue Pope. They generously designated funds from the Lillian Anderson and the Charles D. Pope memorials to pay for the majority of the sign. We are so very appreciative!


Exciting news! You may have noticed that Mark Brodaczynski is preaching for us on Aug. 30, & is filling in for Pastor Kevin again on Sept. 13. It’s appreciated, for Mark does a great job in the pulpit. But as Paul Harvey would say, “Here’s the REST of the story”. Mark is in the process of becoming an “Inquirer” – which means he’s looking into the possibility of becoming a minister in the PCUSA! Session recently met with the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) to BEGIN the process … it’s a lengthy one, & once he’s been approved as an Inquirer, he must be in that position for at least a year. Our prayers, hugs & good wishes go to Mark during this time of discernment.



Happy September, Beloved!

I’d like to start a conversation, and have that conversation start a movement within our church. Are you ready for this...?



I’d like to call it: Critical Mass”


Now – if you’d never heard the phrase before – you might think it’s the kind of worship service where you hear awful things said about you… (That would be sad, wouldn’t it?)


But, “Critical Mass” is an important concept from nuclear physics: it is that point where there is enough fissionable material to start a chain reaction… or as I would like to define it… “Critical Mass” is that place where there is enough presence to begin to make the magic happen.”


You know that, all across the country, church attendance is at record lows – and sadly we are not immune to that. Not only are there a million more things to do on Sunday morning, but more and more Americans don’t feel the need the way we used to.


We can talk about all those factors that hurt attendance, but I would like to see us devote some serious (and playful) time, thought, prayer and energy to finding creative ways to reverse the trend.


So, my hope and prayer is that this “Critical Mass” newsletter letter will be the beginning of something very important to begin to make the magic happen. I’ll follow up with all kinds of interesting information and lots of questions to keep the conversation flowing. Please join in, and please let me know what you’re thinking.


This is going to surely be holy fun. God loves you. Me too!!!!


- Pastor Kevin



The PEACEMAKING LUNCHEON is Sun., Oct. 4, & we’ll have a special speaker, Trace Metabele, from the Hunger Task Force. There’s SUCH a need in the greater Milwaukee area for the services this exceptional organization provides! For example: In the last fiscal year, 9.4 MILLION pounds of food were distributed by the Hunger Task Force. 51 food pantries were served by the organization. The average monthly number of individuals visiting Hunger Task Force affiliated food pantries is a whopping 34,558, & in May of 2015, there were 13,368 HOUSEHOLD visits to Hunger Task Force affiliated food pantries. The luncheon itself is the beloved “Tater Topper” – a HUGE baked potato, with MANY delicious toppings! Tickets are just $7 for adults, & $3 for kids under age 12, on sale SOON!


THE CHURCH PARKING LOT is being resurfaced on Aug. 31. It’s NOT new asphalt, just a “refreshing”. While it dries, we won’t be able to PARK on it, until Thursday, Sept. 3. Please make a note to park on the street on those days. THANKS!


INTERFAITH WEST CENTRAL, whose mission GAPC supports (Barb Brunett serves on their board, & several of our folks serve as “drivers”, bringing senior citizens to doctor’s appointments, grocery shop, hairdresser appointments, etc.) – is holding a MUM SALE fund raiser. We’ll have mum plants available for you to purchase on Sunday, Sept. 13, at the bargain price of only $8.00 !! Supply is limited, so be sure you’re present in worship that morning, to pick out one of these beautiful autumn plants!


SANDY – you know which one we mean -- will store your FALL FEST RUMMAGE items inher basement RIGHT NOW !! Get them to Sandy ASAP, for she’s MARKING them for us! Check with her to make arrangements to bring your things over – (See article, below)


FALL FEST IS COMING! It will be here before you know it! SAT., OCT. 31, 2015 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


QUALITY RUMMAGEmay be brought to Sandy’s home RIGHT AWAY! Thanks for whatever you can donate, for we need LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of GOOD STUFF! And remember, there are SOME things we CANNOT accept: CLOTHING; SLEEPER SOFAS; BEDS; TV SETS; CHILDREN’S CAR SEATS; COMPUTERS OR LAPTOPS; & COMPUTER MONITORS THAT ARE NOT FLAT SCREEN. (Would you save paper & plastic bags to bring for rummagers to use in carrying home their purchases? Bring them to the church library, the week BEFORE Fall Fest, please.)

ABOUT OUR Fall Fest RAFFLE: We need DONATIONS OF ITEMS to put in BASKETS to be made up for RAFFLE PRIZES! (We know WINE will be among them; & a beautiful watercolor by well-known area artist Leona Roesch; & a “book lovers” basket; ... BUT ... MANY additional items are needed!) Tell Phyllis D. what YOU will provide...OR, perhaps you know of a business you’re willing to contact for a donation! Let Phyllis know & she’ll provide a letter for you to present to the owner/manager, introducing the raffle to them). The raffle is a REALLY, REALLY significant part of our event, & so let’s make itSPECTACULAR! (GRAND PRIZE is $1,000 !! Thanks to 3 VERY generous members, for providing it!)


Fall Fest BAKERS: we hope you’ll prepare lots of PIES, cookies, breads, & other mouth-watering, tastebud-tempting sweets. (We need bags for the baked goods, of course.) We’re providing disposable aluminum pie pans for you to use, & pastry boxes as well -- thanks to Phyllis D., who donated several cartons of brand new ones! It’s going to be a FEAST of baked goods!

Then of course, we need KITCHEN HELPERS, LOANS OF CARD TABLES for the CAFE, & FOLKS TO HELP WITH SET-UP (6:00 PM on Oct, 30 in Jack Reichert Hall, for Bake Sale & Kitchen). As soon as they’re printed, (in early October) please TAKE SOME OF OUR FLYERS, give them to your friends, neighbors, everyone you know, & INVITE THEM TO ATTEND!!! Word-of-mouth is always the best form of advertising, & we’re SOOOOO eager to make this our BEST FALL FEST EVER! It’s SUCH an IMPORTANT fund-raiser! TALK IT UP !!!


Spinning Yarns Ministry donated 2 prayer shawls: one to the family of Les Fryman, a firefighter from Rosendale, WI who died in the line of duty, and one to the family of Wisconsin State Trooper Trevor Casper, who was killed in the line of duty in Fond du Lac. It is a privilegeto extend our sympathy to the families of these selfless public servants in this small way.



We’re just THRILLED for Amy Reichert! Her first book, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, published by a division of Simon & Schuster, is hot off the press as of July 21! Husband John, children Ainsley & Sam, & mother-in-law Sandy are walking on air, for the launch, held at the Hartland Public Library, was an enormous success! Set in Milwaukee, with references to MANY well-known landmarks, the novel tells the tale of a restaurant owner who encounters a mean-spirited restaurant critic. (You’ll want to read the book, to learn more!) Amy’s been appearing on local radio & TV shows, & made a promotional tour, as well. Getting a first novel published these days is a VERY difficult & time-consuming process, but Amy tells us it’s well worth it. Her book has received excellent reviews, & her second novel will be published late next summer. WOW! Congratulations, Amy! We send our very best wishes for much success!






Sheri Masiakowski who hosted the wonderful Pot Luck Dinner for choir, handbell players (& spouses) on July 30. What a fantastic time!

and …

Nikki Wilson (Marie Hagen’s granddaughter from Texas)

who sang “Have Your Way” in worship on Aug. 9. Such a talented young woman!

and …

Bonnie Rosen, Cynthia Winke, & Sue Smith, who filled in on piano for worships while Sheri was vacationing.

and …

John Doty, who sang for us during Special Music time on July 19. Love his singing!

and …

Kathy Doty, who shared her beautiful voice with us on August 23.

and …

Alyson, Zack & Aby Robinson, who sang in honor of Grandma Joanne Burke on July 26. (Her birthday was the 24th.) What lovely voices, & what a moving tribute!

and …

Lee Larson, for cleaning the top of the stove. Lee, it looks SO much better!

and …

JT Gall & Jim Dickson, for pulling weeds & trees from the playground area. And to JT, for spraying the grass & remaining weeds.

and …

Thanks to ALL of you, for buying Bobbie Griffith’s hand-made GREETING CARDS! We were able to purchase a laminating machine and a pouch of film for church use, with the proceeds!

and …

Mark Brodaczynski & Pastor Kevin, for providing “Special Music” on Aug. 16.

and …

Thanks to Bobbie, for generously DONATING monies raised by sale of her cards! It will be MOST helpful, to have a church laminating machine!

and …

To our generous congregation, for the donation of $377 to the Presbyterian relief Fund for the disaster in Nepal.

and …

Pastor Kevin, who played guitar and SANG Psalm 130 on Aug. 9, instead of reading it. It was a very meaningful presentation!

and …

Gail & Dick Kloes, who are such very accommodatingchurch office volunteers!


There’ll be a Special “Women’s Chorus” singing during worship on Sun. Sept. 6 – with practice on “To Thee We Sing” that morning at 8:15. And CHANCEL CHOIR PRACTICE begins at

7:00 PM on Wed., Sept. 16, then 7:00 PM on Wed Sept 23, &

8:15 AM on Sun Sept 17 &

8:15 AM on Sun Oct 4.

MOST months, choir will practice at 8:15 AM the mornings they’re scheduled to sing, AND at 7:00 PM on the THIRD & FOURTH Wednesdays of each month.

Handbells practice at 11:10 AM on the Sundays they’re not playing – and at 8:15 on the mornings they DO play (& they’re playing onSun., Sept. 20.) We hope the schedule is “clearer than mud” -- & encourage EVERYONE in the congregation to consider joining one of our musical groups, for it’s great fun, & is SUCH an enhancement, during worship!


St. Ben’s Meal Program, in which we participate through the Chili Mac project, tell us that they’ve lost one of the churches which has been providing food for them for the second Monday of the month. We’re HOPING to pick up the slack for them, by making TWICE AS MUCH Chili Mac when we cook on the Sunday BEFORE the second Monday … can YOU help out? Mick Payton & Kristina Tarvid have been doing the lion’s share of food preparation, but your help would be welcome! We’re thinking perhaps we can get together a GROUP on “cooking Sunday”, to enjoy eating a pizza while doing the cooking! (Speak to Barb Brunett, Mick or Kristina, if YOU can help!) Additionally, if you’d be willing to provide SUPPLIES for making Chili Mac, there’s a list on the Peace & Justice Committee bulletin board in the narthex … anything you can contribute (including a check to pay for supplies) would be most welcome! St. Ben’s typically feeds between 250 & 300 people, on the 2nd Monday of each month. There’s great need for our help.


FOOD PANTRY CHALLENGE: Remember the Peace & Justice Committee’s challenge to us, to gather as many of each month’s SUGGESTED items as possible, to be taken to Good Samaritan Food Pantry. Here’s the line-up of suggested items for the remainder of 2015:

September: Baby Food October: Beans November: Holiday meal items (such as cranberries, stuffing, package potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy mix, etc.

December: Baking items (Flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, baking soda, baking powder, canned milk, nuts, chocolate chips, oil/shortening, etc.) And remember, you may donate anything you wish at any time, for ALL non-perishable food items are needed, & gratefully received!


Thanks to all who brought School Supplies for Wilson School, the WAWM elementary school we’ve helped for the past two years. Before school even started, we heard from the principal that MANY parents had contacted the school, explaining that their families simply didn’t have financial resources to provide the necessary school supplies. Janice Pendergast brought the many back packs, pencils, notebooks & other supplies we’d collected to the school on August 17, & our donation was gratefully received. So many of the 460 children there, through no fault of their own, lack access to essential school supplies, & the need for supplies is year-round. There’s a list of needed school supplies posted on the VERY brightly-colored box located on top of the table in the narthex -- in which you may place the supplies you donate. What a great way to reach out to children (& through them, their families), who need help getting the best-possible educational start! Let’s keep those school supplies coming!



The PEACEMAKING OFFERING, which our denomination re-named the “Peace & Global Mission Offering” at the 2014 General Assembly, will be accepted all during the month of September, with the “official” date being World Communion Sunday, which is Oct. 4. Its purpose is to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice across the world, for Jesus calls us to be peacemakers..

The offering supports many of the core values of our faith. For generations, and to the ends of the earth, Presbyterians have borne witness to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Not only does the offering affirm our Presbyterian church’s commitment to peacemaking, it also engages with our global partners in new initiatives of reconciliation. It strengthens collaboration with churches & mission partners all over the world in supporting efforts to inspire, equip, & connect those engaging in ministries of reconciliation & peace that respond to cultures of violence, including our own.

It provides resources for creating communities of peace in response to tragedy, & bears witness to the love of God for those who suffer violence because of their race or gender. Specific ways in which the Offering is helpful include: working to end gun violence, & offering hope amidst senseless gun violence; addressing violations of human rights; providing sanctuaries for victims of domestic violence; & working to eliminate racism. Through this new vision of the Offering, we deepen our commitment to the transforming work of the Spirit.

Twenty-five percent of collected funds stay with local congregations; the remainder is sent to the Presbyterian Mission Agency. As always, congregations determine how best to use the gifts they retain to support ministries of peace & reconciliation.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)


Our friend, the Rev. Mr. Rex Wentzel, has shared some of his verses with us (he calls them “ditties”). We’re reprinting them here, with his permission. The first two are food for thought; the second is whimsical. Enjoy. And many thanks, Rev. Rex, for sending these.


Life Everlasting

What do you believe about everlasting life, my friend,

As the Apostle’s Creed has it penned?

Is eternity something you can comprehend - -

Life that goes on & on without end?

\What will you do with all that time to spend,

As millions upon millions of years extend?


An Experiment

Here is an experiment that I

Dare any of my readers to try.

Go someplace where you are alone,

Away from the TV & telephone.

Leave your usual agenda behind,

And listen for whatever comes to mind.

Do this for an hour, maybe less,

And one of your thoughts I can guess.

God is going to use this opportunity To impress himself on you silently.

Your thoughts will turn toward divinity. That will happen almost inevitably.



Aging has set my timing askew;

Putting on socks takes much longer to do.

Back then it was a minute or two;

Now it takes 10 before I am through.







SUNDAYS 8:15 – 9:15 – Chancel Choir practices

Sunday practices begin on Sun. Sept 27



and at

10:45 AM - Church School for all ages

11:10 AM – Handbell Choir practices

Communion 1st Sunday of each month,

Easter, & Christmas Eve

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MONDAYS 6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”


3rd & 4th WEDNESDAYS from

7:00-8:30 PM – Chancel Choir

practices in the sanctuary


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet



“Spinning Yarns” knitting ministry


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday



NOTE: Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included below.


Tues & Wed Sept 1 & 2 – NO CARS in the church parking lot on these days *

Sun Sept 6 8:15 AM – Women’s chorus meets *

Mon Sept 7 Labor Day – Offices are CLOSED

Tues Sept 8 7:00 PM – Nurture Committee

Thurs Sept 10 7:00 PM – Friends of MS meet in Jack Reichert Hall

Sun Sept 13 Mark Brodaczynski is Guest Preacher – Pastor Kevin’s away this week *

Mon Sept 14 7:15 PM – Resources Committee

Tues Sept 15 Presbytery meets

Wed Sept 16 7:00 PM – Chancel Choir meets *

Sun Sept 20 9:30 AM – It’s RALLY DAY! We kick off the season with Sunday School for all ages at 10:45 AM, with a MOVIE !! *

Tues Sept 22 7:00 PM – Session meets

Sun Sept 27 8:15 AM – Chancel Choir meets

Mon Sept 28 6:30 PM – Peace & Justice meets



AN INVITATION: TRIGGER: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence

Heritage Presbyterian Church is hosting a viewing of the film “Trigger – The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence” on Tuesday, September 15. This 54-minute film shares the stories of individuals who encounter gun violence in various sectors of our communities: parents, children, school teachers, trauma surgeons, law enforcement, legislators, pastors, and grief counselors. Although we think of a bullet as being an end, for those affected, it is only the beginning.

Come view this film to add to our understanding of the very real violence in our greater community. We hope to have a meaningful discussion.

Heritage Presbyterian S63W13761 College Ave.
Muskego, WI -- Tuesday, September 15, 2015; 5:30 Supper; 6:30 Film; Discussion to follow

Please call the church at 414-425-2050 to register.


Guess what? The “church SQUIRRELS” have been busy digging in the window boxes by the church office; Sue has been pulling PEANUT PLANTS from amongst the petunias! Rascally rodents!