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9:30 AM       10:45 AM

“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”


Worship Schedule

November 1 – November 29, 2015


Sun Nov 1 – 9:30 AM          Communion

First Reading: Isaiah 25:6-9

Second Reading: Revelation 21:1-6a

Sermon: “Inviting Our Angels”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Mark Brodaczynski

Servers:  Phyllis DiPronio, Lori  Johnson, Dan & Kerstin Lefevre


Sun Nov 8 - 9:30 AM      “Penny Sunday”

First Reading:  Psalm 127      

Second Reading: Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17

Sermon:  “One of the Most Important Romantic Set-Ups in Human History!”

Liturgist:  Dick Kloes

Children’s Message: Pastor Kevin


Sun Nov 15 - 9:30 AM      

First Reading: 1st Samuel 2:1-10

Second Reading: Hebrews 10:11-18

Sermon: “No More Sacrifice  !??? ”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Lori Johnson


Sun Nov 22 - 9:30 AM    Christ the King &

First Reading:  Revelation 1:4-8b   “Penny Sunday”

Second Reading:  Psalm 132:1-12

Sermon:  “Shouting for Joy – God Is Home!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Janice Pendergast


Sun Nov 29 9:30 AM         1st Sunday of Advent

First Reading: Psalm 25:1-10

Second Reading: 1st Thessalonians 3:9-13

Sermon: “Making Sure We’re Not in the Way”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Sandy Reichert


Our CONGREGATIONAL MEETING  for the ELECTION OF OFFICERS in the “Class of 2018” is SUNDAY,   NOV. 8, immediately following the worship service.  It’s important that we have LOTS of folks here to vote!

SIGN UP NOW!!! Sat. Nov. 14, at 4:00 & 7:00 PM, we’re having a “Wine & Canvas” party (also known as “Corks &Canvas”) at the church.  Our April session with UW-Whitewater art teacher Kristen Monday was SO MUCH FUN, we’re doing it again – TWICE,  in the same day!  The $35.00 per person per session cost includes canvas, acrylics, & all other art supplies – though the WINE, (which Session has approved for this occasion) will be a bit extra.  There are TWO different paintings: the 4:00 PM session will offer an AUTUMN painting (think pumpkins), & the 7:00 PM session is CHRISTMAS CANDLES.   They’re on display, now, in the narthex.  Plan to do BOTH sessions!  WHAT  FUN!   (Limited to 35 persons per session.)  Call Sue, at the church office, to sign up!

YUM! There’s KRINGLE  SALE Fundraiser starting on Sun., Nov. 15 – (in addition to Kringles, it offers cookie dough, cheesecakes, pizzas, etc.)  These are genuine Racine Kringles, & they’re excellent for eating right away, or freezing, or gift-giving … Barb Brunett will be happy to tell you all about it.  The sale will end on Sunday, Nov. 29, so be sure to be here to PLACE an order the 15th, 22nd,  & or 29th.  PICK UP will be Sat. Dec. 12.


THANKSGIVING  WORSHIP (followed by PIE  FEST – DELICIOUS!) will be on Tues., Nov. 24, at 6:30 PM.  We are so fortunate to live in a country where we’ve been so blessed - -

and if you’d like to bring a PIE to share – we’d have even more to be thankful for!


FROM OUR PASTOR:  Happy November, Beloved:

          To continue our discussion of “Critical Mass”, and ways to increase our attendance…

   I’ve been thinking about an experience I really enjoyed my first two years of college.  Sally was down in Verona, and missing her terribly, I used to drive down from Stevens Point as often as I could.


   In the Student Center, there was a “ride board.”  It was a sort of clearing house where people who needed a ride, and people heading in the right direction, could connect and make plans.


   I found on the ride board, the name of a couple of Sally’s fellow Veronites… (if that’s a word.)  So, often on my trips, I had the company of Joe and Fritz… and it really helped the miles go by.


   I also reconnected with a friend from my childhood, a young man I had known because of his family’s cottage on Castle Rock Lake.  Rick was great company, but now I wish I had been even more curious about his uncle, who was an Astronaut!


   So, to make a long story short… (I know, too late!!!), I would really like to suggest we create a ride board for church.  If there are folks who would be willing to give a ride, and folks more likely to come if they had one, I’d like to see us promote their connection.


   We could have more wonderful people in worship, and we could promote some great new friendships.


What do you think?                                                  

-   Pastor  Kevin


“Catch the Joy!” It’s Stewardship Month!

Want to know the greatest secret to a happy  life?  It’s possessing an “attitude of gratitude”.

When we’re thankful, it’s impossible to have negative thoughts, because gratitude fills us with the most wonderful, POSITIVE feelings.  It short, being grateful makes us feel happy.  And, when we wake each morning & run through a mental list of the things with which we’ve been blessed, we  “kick-start” our day in a way that enables us to be productive, to be “the best we can be”.

God has given us SO much!  As grateful members of the church family here at GAPC,  we love having the opportunity to say “thank you” to God,  both here at the church on Sunday mornings … & on EVERY single day.

How do we who are grateful to God RESPOND to God’s goodness?  The answer is really quite simple.  It’s by doing God’s work in the world.  Our God-given gifts – of treasure, time, & talent – are meant to be SHARED, in service, as we strive to build up Christ’s kingdom.  We become PARTNERS  WITH  JESUS!  What an AWESOME  CONCEPT!

Each November, we ask that you PLEDGE to the church.   To be good stewards, we need funds to accomplish the work that must be done.   Monetarily, we need your help – this year in a bigger way than ever  -- to keep the lights on, to see that our bills are paid, & that our staff is adequately compensated.   When you let us know how much you’ll give during the year to come, our Resources Committee can make good plans for the budget.  In terms of time, there are SO many ways you can give of yourself that they’re too numerous to list, here (examples: serve as elders, or deacons, or committee members; help with Fests, or clean-ups – you get the picture …)  And of your talent – join the choir or handbells, help design flyers, share ideas with the CE Committee to build our Sunday School, & SO much more.  

We face many real challenges this year, & for us to remain a vital force it’s going to take hard work & commitment.  More than ever before, we need you to give generously.

Please remember:  Life is God’s gift to us.  How we respond – is our gift to God. 

FALL  WORK  DAY is Sat., Nov. 14, from 9:00 AM until yard clean-up is done.  It won’t

take long, if MANY willing workers bring rakes, to help out!  Now’s the time, before winter’s

chill REALLY sets in!

On Saturday, Nov. 21, we’ll “HANG the GREENS & Deck the Halls”.   Yes, yes, we know … who are the Greens that we’ve become so cross with them that we want to hang them .. & the Halls, that we’re mad enough to “deck” them ? (tee hee …)  And yes, it seems a bit early, but the first Sunday in Advent is November 29, & we really want to have the sanctuary all “spruced up” ( … pun intended …) for the holidays BEFORE Advent begins!  We’ll start at 9:00 AM, & there’ll be snacks, & fun, & fellowship, as we prepare for Christ’s birth by putting up lovely decorations in the church building.

Harry Koroghlanian will speak with the us during Sunday School time on Sunday, Nov. 22, following worship.  He’ll topic is “Ellis Island, Gateway to America”.  Harry was born in France, & came through Ellis Island (now open only as a National Monument) when he was just 6 years old.   The island was the major immigration station in the United States from Jan. 1, 1892, through 1954. The nearly 12 million individuals entering the country through the port of New York were legally & medically inspected there.  Now, in 2015, more than 40% of our population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island.  The main building, reopened in 1990 following a large-scale restoration, is now a museum.  It’s an important part of the history of the United States, & we’re eager to learn more about it!

                          and …

During Sunday School time on Nov. 29, Session & the Deacons will meet together, when ALL

our folks are encouraged to be present in Jack Reichert Hall – & see how these VERY important

church boards work for the benefit of our church.  It’s going to be a real education, of benefit to ALL, so plan to be present!

“BLESSING of the CRITTERS” on Oct. 25 was a WONDERFUL experience!   We met in the back yard of the church at 2:00on the MOST beautiful autumn afternoon!  Chester, Dusty, Flip & Izzy (all canine critters) received blessings, along with many, many pats & hugs.  The pups gave eager kisses, too – as if they truly understood, & were thankful for the blessing!  Pastor Kevin led a short worship prior to the actual blessing; Music Minister Sheri played meaningful songs for the occasion, & all who attended found it uplifting!

“The Times, They Are A-Changin’ ” is the title of the letter the Rev. Craig Howard, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Presbytery of Milwaukee, wrote for the October 21 issue of the presbytery’s newsletter, “Fresh Impressions”.  We found it so thought-provoking, we decided to include it in this issue of The Messenger.  It’s printed just before the calendar page in this Messenger -- & we hope you’ll take time to read it.   If you’d like to

share your thoughts on it – we’d welcome them!

A SPECIAL NOTE of  THANKS:  “ To My Church Family,   How can I find the right words to thank you?  Your cards, prayers, kindnesses & caring are SOOO appreciated!  I couldn’t let another day go by without letting all of you know that you mean so much to me, & have made such a difference in my life.  It is very comforting to know you are there.  I truly miss you with my whole heart.

With my warmest thoughts,  Your family member,  Joanne Burke ”


An “advance THANK YOU” to Lori Johnson, Donna Saugstad, Sandy Reichert,

Phyllis DiPronio, & ALL the hard-working volunteers who put in so VERY much effort in gathering, delivering, marking & setting up for the Fall Fest RUMMAGE sale & donated prizes to our RAFFLE.  As we go to press, Fall Fest is still several days away – but the work of these dedicated members of our church family simply MUST be acknowledged RIGHT NOW!  What a great blessing they are to us!



Dick Kloes, who arranged to have the kitchen refrigerator repaired, then came to the church & waited for the service tech to arrive -- & stayed till the repairs were completed.

                and …

Dick & Gail Klose, who helped Pastor Kevin stuff  400 “doorknob hanger” flyers to use in publicizing Fall Fest, & other “coming events” here at the church, as part of our evangelism effort. 

                and …

Ed Griffith, who delivered more than 300 Fall Fest Flyers to area homes.

                and …

The Nominating Committee, hard at work preparing a slate of nominees for our Nov. 8 election of officers.

                and …

Libbie Jansen, who sees to it that our special events are posted on our Facebook page.   

                and …

Mick Payton, who posts the Messenger on the church web site. 

                and …

Sandy Reichert, who checked the office phone & emails while Sue Smith was on vacation.

                and …

Ed Roeger, Nutrition Program & Policy Research Analyst for the Hunger Task Force, for being with us to tell about their program, during worship Oct. 4.

                and …

Kathy Doty, who made arrangements for our Nov. 14 “Corks & Canvas” artistic event.

                and …

Members of the Peace & Justice Committee, for preparing the delicious “Potato Topper” lunch on October 4.    

           and …

Gail & Dick Kloes, who outdid themselves in help with office tasks, this month!  They’re being awarded “shiny gold stars”! 

GAPC   DOES  MAKE  A DIFFERENCE!  The Peace & Justice Committee was delighted to make a $50 donation to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.  That donation will provide more than 20 Thanksgiving meals for the folks who come there! 

The “Potato Topper” Luncheon on Oct. 4 raised $272 for the Peace & Justice Committee. 

Proceeds from the P& J events are distributed among MANY worthwhile causes.  Additionally, the Special Offering we took for theHunger Task Force at the end of the Oct. 4 World Communion Worship resulted in a $345 donation to that organization.  We received a lovely “thank you” letter from them, which includes the message that “Donors like you ensure that children, families and seniors get the help they need during challenging times, & as Milwaukee’s Free & Local Food Bank, Hunger Task Force provides every single pound of food free of charge to our 74 network pantries, meal programs & homeless shelters”.  We’ve posted the entire letter on the narthex bulletin board.

Our JEFF WEBER, R.N. was quoted in an article in the Sept. 17 issue of The Shepherd Express, on the subject of  “Caring for Milwaukee County’s Most Vulnerable Patients”.  Jeff is president of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals Local 5001, & has over 20 years experience working in Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division.  In the article, Jeff & other nurses explained how very difficult & stressful it is to work with persons hospitalized due to their very serious mental health issues.  It’s a timely &  very important subject.  You can read the entire article at, or ask to read the copy that we have in the church office.  Thanks so much, Jeff, for your willingness to speak out on this important issue!

Please remember the St. Ben’s Meal Program, in which we participate through

the Chili Mac project.  They’ve lost one of the churches which has been providing food for them for the second Monday of the month.  We’re HOPING to pick up the slack for them, by making TWICE AS MUCH Chili Mac when we cook on the Sunday BEFORE the second Monday … can YOU help out?  Mick Payton & Kristina Tarvid have been doing the lion’s share of food preparation, but your help would be welcome!  We’re thinking perhaps we can get together a GROUP on “cooking Sunday”, to enjoy eating a pizza while doing the cooking!  (Speak to Barb Brunett, Mick or Kristina, if YOU can help!) Additionally, if you’d be willing to provide SUPPLIES for making Chili Mac, there’s a list on the Peace & Justice Committee bulletin board in the narthex … anything you can contribute (including a check to pay for supplies) would be most welcome!  St. Ben’s typically feeds between 250 & 300 people, on the 2nd Monday of each month.  There’s great need for our help.  (We’ve been told we WON’T need to provide it in November, for the Milwaukee Bucks have volunteered, for that date.)


FOOD PANTRY CHALLENGE:  Remember the Peace & Justice Committee’s challenge to us, to gather as many of each month’s  SUGGESTED items as possible, to be taken to Good Samaritan Food Pantry.   Here’s the line-up of suggested items for the remainder of 2015:

November: Holiday meal items (such as cranberries, stuffing, package potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy mix, etc.

December: Baking items (Flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, baking soda, baking powder, canned milk, nuts, chocolate chips, oil/shortening, etc.)  And remember, you may donate anything you wish at any time, for ALL non-perishable food items are needed, & gratefully received!

Thanks to all who brought School Supplies for Wilson School, the WAWM elementary school we’ve helped for the past two years.  Before school even started, we heard from the principal that MANY parents had contacted the school, explaining that their families simply didn’t have financial resources to provide the necessary school supplies. Janice Pendergast brought the many back packs, pencils, notebooks & other supplies we’d collected to the school on August 17, & our donation was gratefully received.  So many of the 460 children there, through no fault of their own, lack access to essential school supplies, & the need for supplies is year-round.  There’s a list of needed school supplies posted on the VERY brightly-colored box located on top of the table in the narthex --  in which you may place the supplies you donate.  What a great way to reach out to children (& through them, their families), who need help getting the best-possible educational start!  Let’s keep those school supplies coming!



 Each of the past four years I have enjoyed preaching a sermon for a doctor of ministry class on the book of Jeremiah at McCormick Seminary. After the sermon I discuss with the students everything from sermon preparation to the current challenges of ministry. Yesterday I asked the students to share their doctoral thesis with me. Almost all of the theses had one common denominator: change. The theses initiate change, study the process of change, the results of change, and the desire for change. These highly intelligent students who are pastors, executive directors of non profits, and chaplains, are experiencing and focusing on the changing landscape in the church.


In our conversation we talked about how often congregations resist change. We shared how congregations tend to wait until a crisis such as a pastor leaving or conflict occurs, before discussing or implementing a strategic plan. The reality is that we do not have to create change, it is already happening all around us. In his book, "Leading In a Culture of Change," Michael Fullan writes, ". . . Change cannot be managed. It can be understood and perhaps led, but it cannot be controlled. . . The best way to manage change is to allow for it to happen."


In the book of Jeremiah, the prophet tells the people that it is ok to leave the land and to be taken into exile. God will return them to the land. At that time God will "Build them up, and not tear them down; plant them, and not pluck them up (Jer. 42:10)." In our discussion after the sermon, the class explored the possibility that the same God who builds up, can tear down. And the same God who plants, can pluck up. We talked about the possibility that we are living in a tearing down and plucking up time for our denomination. It is a time of anxiety and opportunity; of chaos and creativity.


Perhaps during this time of change we are called to lead with endurance, patience, and prayer. We are called to remind ourselves and one another that God is in our midst. If we dare to trust the prophetic voice of scripture, we will realize that the God who drives us into the wilderness will also provide strength for the journey.


Rev. Craig M. Howard

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Can YOU help?  There’s a BLOOD  DRIVE  for  PEG WOEHL, wife of our friend the Rev. Mr. Roger Woehl.  Peg  is presently at Froedert Hospital, in intensive care, requiring red blood cell and platelet transfusions -- almost daily.  Peg was diagnosed with AM Leukemia about 5 weeks ago and was told she had only weeks to live if she did not get treatment immediately.  She has had one round of chemotherapy, and is awaiting the results of a bone marrow biopsy.  In response to her need Southminster Presbyterian Church will host a:


Blood Drive

November 11, 2015

3pm - 7pm

 Southminster Presbyterian Church

200 Richard Street

Waukesha   262-547-5100


Roger Woehl, Peg's husband, served as a Presbyterian Pastor for 42 years, most recently for 12 years at Forest Park Presbyterian Church in New Berlin.   He retired in December 2014.  As a pastor, Roger is not a member of a church, but is a member of the Milwaukee Presbytery.  Roger was named Parish Associate for SPC by the session last month, before Peg's illness, and has assumed the volunteer position helping Christian with pastoral care.  Peg joined SPC in June of 2015.


The Blood Center of Wisconsin has established a web page and an appointment sign up sheet for Peg.  Please check with the Blood Center to schedule an appointment. 


When Peg learned of this drive, she said...

"I never before realized what a Gift of Life, a blood donation truly is".

Please sign up and save a Life.


Peg's specific need is for platelets.  Platelets are the clotting cells in our blood.  They can be separated from the other components of blood (apheresis), and the other components re-infused into the donor.  This process takes a little longer than red cell donation, but the donor may donate as frequently as once a week, although the Blood Center encourages waiting 2 weeks between donations.  A donor needs to donate a unit of blood before being accepted for apheresis so that the blood center can count their cells to assure that apheresis will be safe for the donor.  Platelets donated are only viable for 5 days so a constant supply of donors is vital.


November, 2015 - CALENDAR




SUNDAYS  8:15 – 9:15 – Chancel Choir practices


SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

and  at

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

11:10 AM – Handbell Choir practices

Communion 1st  Sunday  of each month,

Easter, & Christmas Eve

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MONDAYS  6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”


3rd & 4th  WEDNESDAYS from

7:00-8:30 PM – Chancel Choir

practices in the sanctuary


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet



“Spinning Yarns” knitting ministry


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday


NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included below.



                              Be sure to set your clocks BACK  an hour, before bedtime on Oct. 31! 

Tues Nov 3        12:30 PM – Piano being tuned

                            7:00 PM – Nurture Committee

Sat Nov 7           9:00 AM – Fall Work Day *

Sun Nov 8        10:30 AM – Congregational Meeting for Election of Officers in the  “Class of 2018” *

Tues Nov 10      7:00 PM – Resources meets

Thurs Nov 12    7:00 PM – Friends of MS

Sat Nov 14    *   4:00 PM – Paint with “Corks &   Canvas”  *  (It’s PUMPKINS)

                                        … &

                      *   7:00 PM – Paint again ! * (CHRISTMAS  CANDLES!)

Sun Nov 15 **  We begin our KRINGLE SALE  **  

Mon Nov 16      7:00 PM – Session meets

Sat Nov 21         9:00 AM – “Hang the Greens”  *

Sun Nov 22      10:45 AM – Harry Koroghlanian speaks to our Sunday School *

Tues Nov 24  -6:30 PM – Thanksgiving Worship followed by 7:30 PM – PIE  FEST  *

Thurs Nov 26 – THANKSGIVING  DAY – The church offices are CLOSED for the holiday

Sun Nov 29   Our Kringle Sale ENDS today

AVALON  SQUARE SENIOR  LIVING  COMMUNITY, (a part of Presbyterian Homes & Services) invites us to its annual holiday art & craft fair, on Sat., November 14, from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  There will be approximately 50 exhibitors, featuring unique handcrafted home & holiday décor, jewelry & gift items (as well as some products by commercial vendors).  AND --  if you have heirloom items you’ve wondered about how to VALUE – there will be evaluation by a local antiques expert, who’ll offer onsite verbal appraisals (1 free appraisal per person, additional items $5 each).  There’s also a café for lunch & snacks, & a bake sale.  Admission is free.

Avalon Square is located at the corner of Barstow & South Streets in downtown Waukesha.