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1455 S. 97th St., West Allis, WI 53214

Church Office (414) 453-3710     Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid     

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies   (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship                 Sunday Church School 

9:30 AM       10:45 AM




Worship Schedule  Nov 6 – Nov 27, 2016



Sun.  Nov 6 – 9:30 AM    Communion Worship & “Inspiration Sunday”       

First Reading: Psalm 145 1:5, 17-21 

Second Reading: Luke 20:27-38

Sermon: “In the Resurrection …”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Lori Johnson   

Servers: Phyllis DiPronio, Dan & Kerstin Lefevre, & LB Smith 


Sun. Nov 13 - 9:30 AM       “Penny Sunday” & “Gratitude Sunday”

First Reading:  Isaiah 65:17-254-7

Second Reading: Isaiah 12:1-6

Sermon:  “I Will Trust & Not Be Afraid”

Liturgist: Dustin Hosaka

Children’s Message: Pastor Kevin


Sun. Nov 20 – 9:30 AM     “Christ the King”  &  “Consecration Sunday”

First Reading:  Luke 1:68-79

Second Reading: Colossians 1:11-20

Sermon:  “Who’s the Boss?!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Lori Johnson  


Sun Nov 27 – 9:30 AM     “Celebration Sunday”; “First Sunday of Advent” & “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Psalm 122     

Second Reading: Romans 13:11-14

Sermon: “Now Is the Moment!”
Liturgist/Children’s Message: Sally Tarvid


TAKE NOTE:   Congregational Meeting for Election of Officers in the “Class of 2019”  will take place immediately following worship on Sun.,  OCTOBER 30.    Please be present!

***** On Nov. 27 – right here at GAPC, 2:00 – 4:00 PM:  Annie B, in concert!  See the flyer, below !  *****

Annie B.





performs for us


on Sunday, November 27, 2:00 – 4:00 PM at





1455 S. 97th Street, West Allis, WI 53214




TICKETS available NOW, just $10.00





        We’re having a PACKER PARTY  (with pizza) on Sun. Nov. 13, following Sunday School.  Sue Pope is leading Sunday School that morning, inviting us to learn about wise money management, from an early age on throughout the rest of our lives.  When Sunday School is over, we’ll watch pre-game festivities on the big screen TV in Jack Reichert Hall, & enjoy pizza & beverages, then cheer on our favorite team!

PIE  FEST  will be held this year on Sun., Nov. 20, immediately following Sunday School.  Harry Koroghlanian will speak with us in Sunday School that morning, about the pilgrims, & the first Thanksgiving.  And then – YES!!   We’ll have PIE!!!  Judy Dickson is coordinating the event; she asks that you bring your favorite pie to share as we continue to savor this years-long tradition.  This is the first time we’ve tried Pie Fest in a Sunday venue … we hope to have LOTS of folks here to enjoy it!

THANKSGIVING  WORSHIP  this year will take place at Tudor Oaks Retirement Village, S77 W12929 McShane Dr., Muskego, on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 7:00 PM.  This is the new location for the congregation of Heritage Presbyterian Church, which was forced to vacate it’s building on College Ave. due to concerns about unsafe water.  They’ve kindly invited us, & the other churches which comprise the “Fab 4” (Faith & Forest Park) to be with them.  There’ll be a joint choir, & fellowship, & great JOY, as we give thanks for our many blessings.

FROM  OUR  PASTOR:  Happy November, Beloved…  We have been working on a list of words/concepts/ideas that describe the benefits of being a member of our faith family.  The idea is, we need to find a way to let people know that being active in church really can make life better.  I’d like to share this partial list with you, and ask you to prioritize these ideas, and then add to the list if needed!  Here is the list – in no particular order – please rate them in order of importance to you … (1-10)                                                                                                                                                      

Peace of Mind _____   Acceptance_____ Community_____ Justice_____  Inspiration_____ 

Confidence_____ Happiness_____ Faith____ Joy_____  Spirituality_____ Excitement_____  


Connection_____ Healing_____ Beauty_____ Fun_____ Real_____ Challenging_____ Hope_____

Authenticity_____ Relaxation_____ Relationship_____ Purpose_____ Love_____ Music_____ 

Respect_____ Fearlessness_____ Forgiveness_____ Uplifting_____ Understanding_____Peace_____ 

Values_____ Celebration_____ Worship_____         


As soon as the data is compiled, we’ll design our new advertising.  You can be in on the ground  floor of building something beautiful!     God Loves You!  Me Too!         -    Pastor   Kevin



The first definition we found said simply:“Stewardship is managing somebody else’s stuff.”   We like that, BUT … the term “stewardship” encompasses SO much … Another definition says it’s “The careful & responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.  Therefore, a steward is one who manages another’s resources: property, finances, or other affairs.”   That phrase “careful & responsible” is of VITAL importance.

So, regarding STEWARDSHIP,  the principal  idea is TRUST.  Faithful stewards manage the resources FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE ONE WHO HAS ENTRUSTED THEM.     

As Christians, we realize that God has entrusted the creation to human beings.  Way back in Genesis, God trusted Adam to care for and protect the Garden.  Adam dropped the ball on that one, but this wondrous God not only forgives and restores people to life, but to their role as the stewards of God over creation.                                                                                                      

WOW! Stewardship is at the very center of our identity as human beings and as Christians. We are created and called, not to be served but to serve, to give ourselves to the world.  Stewardship is who we are, and why we are here. We are God’s stewards, entrusted to manage God’s resources for God’s purposes. Christianity does not have stewardship, it IS stewardship!
In the church, we understand that stewardship entails sharing of our time, talent, and treasure. God entrusts us to use these, & use them wisely, both for our own benefit, & for the benefit of others.  A Christian says, “I have no right to treat God’s creation shabbily … I must take care of that which has been entrusted to me.  For it is not MY time, talent, or treasure – but God’s.”   When we pledge these things during our annual stewardship campaign, we are helping to “keep the lights on” in the church building, it’s true.  But we’re also committing ourselves to continuing to care for God’s creation.  Please be generous.


Barb (& all of us) also extend heartfelt thanks to Laurie Elliott, who did SO much; Phyllis DiPronio, RAFFLE coordinator; Jeff Dickson, in charge of the CAFÉ;  Joanne Haschker, & Bobbie Griffith, leading the BAKE SALE;  ALL who donated bakery & rummage, as well as the AMAZINGLY GENEROUS individuals who donated RAFFLE  PRIZES.   Additional thanks to all who worked at the rummage; in the kitchen; with the bake sale; Judy Dickson for selling greeting cards, hats & mittens - & to these amazing “Friends of the Church”:  Shere Dehli, Jan Wessel, & Patti & Jeff Moore, for donating MUCH TIME & EFFORT!   INVALUABLE!!!


DEACONS will have their next meeting on Sunday, November 6, immediately following worship.  We’re so appreciative of the care these good folks give to our shut-ins!


SUNDAY SCHOOL on Nov. 6 … Could we possibly have a more timely topic???  Pastor Kevin will lead this  fascinating discussion: “Presbyterians & Politics: A Non-Partisan Conversation (Can Politics & Religion Mix?)”   We invite you to share your thoughts -- & remind you to VOTE, on Nov. 8 (if you haven’t already done so). CLEAN UP DAY will be Sat., Nov. 12, beginning at 9:00 AM.  Please bring your rake, & any other implements for tidying up yards you might need.  It doesn’t take long, if we have lots of helpers. 


Our peacemaking “Tater Topper” Luncheon on Oct. 2 raised a total of $305.00.   Of that amount, $272.00 came from the luncheon, & $33.00 was from the sale of Bobbie Griffith’s creative, hand-made greeting cards.  THANKS to all who worked on the luncheon -- & to the good folks who came to enjoy the tasty, tasty potatoes!


POINSETTIA ORDERS  -  We’re ordering poinsettia plants from Milaeger’s, in Racine, again this year.  The past two years the plants have been unusually lovely.  In order to receive their special, discounted price, we MUST phone in our order on Monday, November 28.  The price is just $13.00 per plant, & each plant will have AT LEAST 7 FLOWERS, often 9 or more.  Order forms will be in the Sunday worship bulletins EVERY SUNDAY IN NOVEMBER.  Simply fill out a form, with your check, & place in the offering plate on one of those Sundays.  We’ll take care of the rest.  Thanks, in advance, for helping to make our church really, really beautiful, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.


APPETIZERS for ANNIE B Concert  -- We’re VERY excited about this Nov 27 concert!  It’s our first time hosting an event of this kind, & we want to make it everything it can be, & more!  To that end, we’ll be serving hors d’ oeuvres (“finger foods”) for concert-goers to enjoy.  Would YOU be willing to provide a plate (or two) of your favorite canapes for this occasion?  There’s a SIGN UP SHEET at the rear of the sanctuary, so we’ll know what you’re bringing … Please get them to Jack Reichert Hall by 1:30 that afternoon.  (Wine will be available for an additional price.)


Image result for free clipart hang the greens  HANG the GREENS    Can you believe it??? It’s that time of year – the time when we hang the greens, & deck the halls, & trim the tree as we prepare for Advent, & the birth of Jesus.  The date is Saturday, November 26, & the time is 9:00 AM.  We need lots of willing workers, for the task goes quickly when many folks pitch in.  AND – it’s FUN!


GAPC  DOES  MAKE  A  DIFFERENCE !  The Peace & Justice Committee voted to take $200.00 out of the Peace & Justice fund for the Rescue Mission Thanksgiving meals.  We are paying for 12 tables, or 96 meals!  This fund is made up with the monies received from the congregation through P & J luncheons & other activities.  


Don’t forget to help us as we continue our support of WILSON SCHOOL! This fall, we began our 4th year helping provide donations of back packs & school supplies; we’ve already delivered a generous amount to the school.  BUT – we need to do even MORE!  This WAWM elementary school, (like so many others in the area) has a significant number of students whose parents, through no fault of their own, cannot afford the necessary school supplies.  Teachers & administrators often dig deep into their own pockets to provide for these children, whom they care about so deeply.   We applaud them, and we want to offer as much assistance as we’re able, also.  There’s a LIST of needed items taped to the collection box in the narthex; please jot down a few of the items, watch for sales, & pick up some to bring to church. Helping to get kids off to the best possible educational start is one of the most loving acts that we, as Christians, can perform, & we’re thankful to have the opportunity to help.  Let’s see how much we can collect, before the next box (or boxes) filled with supplies are ready to be delivered.  THANKS!


We support GOOD SAMARITAN OUTREACH CENTER’S FOOD  PANTRY, & each month, we suggest a CHALLENGE  ITEM  for you to donate,  as generously as possible.  Monthly challenge suggestions are below – but remember, you may donate ANY non-perishable food items at ANY time!  Good Samaritan reminds us that:  “Your contribution of food is more significant because it enables Good Sam’s to provide greater variation in the food that we distribute.  We tend to provide our community members with a somewhat routine menu of food, & we are delighted to be able to surprise them with different foods.”

November --- Holiday items  -    (cranberries, sweet potatoes,  canned gravy, etc.)

December --- Baking items  -  (flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc.) 


Winter is on  the  way, (even  though we  may not  like  it …)  and so, it’s wise for us to remember the needs of The Guest House, Milwaukee’s largest publicly funded homeless shelter.  It’s one of the organizations GAPC supports through our Peace & Justice Committee.  The Guest House also provides education & services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity & purpose.  The shelter serves adult men, providing a warm bed, hot meals, showers, hygiene supplies, clothing, & more.  They have 86 beds of emergency shelter & transitional housing, & are open on a first-come, first served basis.

The Guest House also has programs to help women & families.  There’s a great deal of information on their web site,  -- & we encourage you to go online to learn more about this group & the people it helps, for it does work which is vitally important.   Dental supplies, shaving supplies,  warm socks, gloves, hats, lotions … there are SO many things needed, to make winter a little more bearable for those without a home.  Thank you for helping!


DAYLIGHT  SAVINGS  TIME  ENDS  on SUNDAY, NOV. 6.  Be sure to turn your clocks BACK an hour before going to bed on Nov. 5.  You’d really be annoyed if you got to church only to discover that you were an hour EARLY … 









SUNDAYS  8:15 – 9:15 – Chancel Choir practices

Begins Sept. 11


SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

and  at

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

Communion 1st  Sunday of each month, & on

Easter, Maundy Thursday &  Christmas Eve

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MONDAYS  6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”


3rd & 4th  WEDNESDAYS from

7:00-8:30 PM – Chancel Choir

practices in the sanctuary


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet



“Spinning Yarns” knitting ministry


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday



NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included below. 

Sun, Nov 6      10:45 AM – Deacon’s meet *

Mon Nov 7      6:00 PM – Nurture Committee

                         6:30 AM – P & J Committee 

                         7:15 PM – Resources Committee 

Tues Nov 8  **  ELECTION DAY  - -  VOTE !!

Thurs Nov 10  7:00 PM  - Friends of MS meet

Sat Nov 12       9:00 AM – Fall Clean-Up Day *

Sun Nov 13    10:45 AM – Sue Pope leads SS *

        11:15 AM  - PACKER PARTY, with pizza *

Sun Nov 20    10:45 AM – Harry Koroghlanian leads Sunday School *

             11:15 AM -  PIE  FEST * (bring pies !)              

Tues Nov 22   7:00 PM – Thanksgiving worship, Heritage Church at Tudor Oaks in Muskego,

                                           S77 W12929 McShane Drive

Thurs Nov 24   THANKSGIVING DAY – our church offices are CLOSED on this day

Sat Nov 26    9:00 AM – HANG the GREENS  * 

Sun Nov 27   2:00 – 4:00 PM – ANNIE B  CONCERT, HERE *