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                            APRIL, 2018 -  MESSENGER   

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           Worship Schedule April 1 -  April 8, 2018


Sun.  April 1 - 9:30 AM      EASTER SUNDAY   Communion & a Baptism

First Reading:  Mark 16:1-8            Second Reading:  Isaiah 25:6-9

Sermon: “Rejoicing in Our Salvation”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Sally T               Servers: JT, Lori, Kerstin, & Sally T.



Sun. April 8 - 9:30 AM     Holy Humor Sunday & Penny Sunday

First Reading:  Psalm 133            Second Reading:  John 20:19-31 

Sermon:  “Faith Is Hilarious !!!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Sue S.


Sun. April 15 – 9:30 AM  

First Reading:  Psalm 4       Second Reading:  Luke 24:36-48

Sermon:  “We Still Can …”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Lori J.


Sun April 22 - 9:30 AM   Communion, “Earth Day” & Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Genesis 1:1-8         Second Reading:  Genesis 1:26-31

Sermon: “The Nest!”

Liturgist: Barb B.;     Children’s Message:  Pastor Kevin


Sun April 29 – 9:30 AM

First Reading:  Psalm 22:25-31

Second Reading: 1 John 4:7-12

Sermon:  “The Great Misconception …”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  TBA



FROM   OUR  PASTOR:    Happy Resurrection, Beloved!

          You know I love this time of year.  The winter is finally grinding to a halt, and the moments of springtime are becoming more and more present!

          Already, we’re seeing those little green shoots popping up here and there.  Soon the buds will be on the trees, and soon after that, leaves and flowers, warm breezes and life galore!

          It’s not surprising that God chose this time of year to celebrate the rising of Jesus.  What better time to be reminded of new life, and everlasting life, than when the world around us is beginning to burst into life anew?...

          Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if this year, more and more people would embrace the Resurrection?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could set aside hatred, and all the “isms”, and begin to really focus on what’s important?  Wouldn’t it really be something if we could find a way to work together to see that God’s children have what they need to live a life of joy and fulfillment?

          I am more convinced than ever that, when the world begins to heal, when life becomes better for us and the ones around us, the Church will play a central role.

          You know, that, in my time, I’ve been involved in government, education, and even a little law enforcement.  While all of these segments of our society are vitally important, I know that, without the Gospel, and without the Church at its best, we cannot accomplish what we need to as a people.

          So, I’m pleading for each of us to stand up, roll up our sleeves, and embrace the Resurrection, the Gospel, and the Church.  Together, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can change the world.  God loves you.  Me Too!   

                                                                                        -  Pastor  Kevin


HOLY HUMOR  SUNDAY is APRIL 8!  There’ll be  fun & jokes in the service that morning, & in the Sunday School that follows.  EVERYONE will have a chance to share church-appropriate knock-knock jokes, true funny stories, “churchy”  stories & jokes – it’s the PERFECT opportunity to immerse ourselves in the healing power of LAUGHTER!   Do your friends think

church is BORING, & STODGY?????   This is your chance to show them they’re wrong!  Invite them to be here & learn how genuinely valuable the church experience can be!                  


SPRING CLEAN-UP DAY is SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 9:00 AM!  We'll be concentrating on the outside of the church, but there are tasks that could be done indoors as well.  How about bringing your kids – little ones to teens – to help?  Children LOVE to help with little things like picking up sticks and dusting (as long as it isn’t their rooms at home …)  Why not harness that boundless energy and teach them about community service at the same time?  It’s good to get young people involved – but we need to ASK them!  Bring “thy rake, thy clippers, thyself & thy youngsters”, saith the first chapter of The Book of Church Clean-Up.  (And we follow that book religiously.)

BE  A  GREETER!   It isn’t difficult, all that’s required is a SMILE & a warm “Welcome!” accompanied by a hug or a handshake.   PLEASE consider signing up on the sheet on the table at the rear of the sanctuary!  This is really IMPORTANT, for we want visitors to feel comfortable & valued here, & a greeting for members is equally significant. 


The  Worship at  Heritage  Presbyterian in  Muskego on Maundy Thursday was so meaningful!  The pastors from the “Fab 4” churches each had a role, & the combined choirs sounded incredibly lovely.  Our next “Fab 4” service will probably be the Thanksgiving service, here, complete with our widely acclaimed “Pie Fest”.  We’ll keep you posted.


RELAY for LIFE  IS SET for Friday, July 20!  We’ve had a GAPC team for many years, now, as we continue to join in the fight against cancer!  Libbie J. is our team captain, & Peter J. is “on (the) board”.  You can sign up on line at Relay for Life West Allis/New Berlin – or speak with Libbie or Peter for additional details.


WHAT  A  TREAT to have TWO BAPTISMS of unrelated babies here during worship on March 4!   Annie & Rob K’s son Benjamin, & Rocky & Jennifer T. ‘s daughter Kylie, received this sacrament, to the delight of their families & our congregation.   Pastor Kevin reported that, in his 25 plus years of ministry, this was a first!  He’s previously baptized more than one child during a service – but those youngsters were siblings.  This one was really unusual!        






April 1 – Larry A. S.                      April 22 – Bud B.


April 8 – Sandy R.                         April 29 - ???? No one has signed up


April 15 – Mark B.





DEACONS MODERATOR SANDY R. sends thanks to all the good folks who helped the Deacons by providing cookies & bars for the meal that followed the Celebration of Toni J.’s life.  Sandy also thanks the Deacons, & others who helped to set up, & see to it that coffee kept flowing, & performed other tasks.  The entire afternoon was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady  -  our Toni.






LB, JT, & the “crew” who helped with the March 17 Great Pancake Breakfast.  Including sale of Bobbie’s hand-made greeting cards in the profits that morning – we raised $527.00 for the church

               and …

Cynthia W., who “filled in” for Sheri, as Guest Musician, on March 11.  As always, her playing was splendid.

               and …

Sue P., who loaned us her copy of the DVD movie “Minimalism”.  We viewed it over for 3 successive Sundays, & had fine discussions & congregational attendance. 

             and …

To everyone who ordered floral tributes for Easter Sunday.  They were just beautiful!  And thanks to Milaegar’s, in Racine, for providing us with such outstanding plants! .

               and …

Music Minister Sheri & the Handbell & Chancel Choirs, for their hard work preparing very special music for Easter morning.     



JUNE will be here before you know it, & that means … STRAWBERRY FEST!  There will be MANY, MANY ways you can help!  We’ll provide you with lots & lots more information in the May & June issues of the Messenger!  Watch for them!



        Habitat for Humanity &  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance send us their thanks for our help in recent months.  We’ll give you further information in the May Messenger, but for now, we wanted to be sure you all know how appreciative they are of our efforts!  The work these groups do is simply amazing!



THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES appear in MOST of our Messengers, sometimes identical from one month to the next, & sometimes with small changes (such as the monthly suggestion for the Good Samaritan food pantry.)   Wondering WHY we continue to include them?  They’re here just as a REMINDER, that we need YOUR HELP as we support these ministries.  


REMEMBER to order  SCRIP each month, on the 2nd Sunday.  The  GIFT  CARDS you’ll receive return a percentage of purchase to GAPC !  Why isSCRIP  so wonderful?  Its  because you can use it for things you ordinarily buy anyway; & because it makes the PERFECT  GIFT for birthdays, anniversaries, “just because” gifts, & more.  Who can’t use a GAS CARD, or a GROCERY CARD, or one of the MANY others you can purchase???

We HOPE our newsletter & announcements on Sunday morning will inspire you to PURCHASE as much SCRIP as possible whenever we offer it!!  It’s such a PAINLESS way to help our church!  Here are just a few possibilities:  PICK ’N SAVE,  SAM’S CLUB, WAL-MART, MENARD’S, SPEEDWAY,  & KOHL’S)  There are MANY, MANY more, so many that we just DON’T have room to list them all.  Please do look over the Scrip pages in the narthex, so you can decide well in advance which ones you want to order!  Then, – place your order with Church Treasurer JT  & your gift cards will be here the next week!   It’s one of the best ways you can help out the church budget!



           FOOD   PANTRY    CHALLENGE:


The Peace & Justice Committee  challenges us to gather as many of the SUGGESTED items for each month of the year as possible.  At the end of the month we will take them to Good Samaritan Food Pantry.   For April, it’s VEGETABLES.   Of course, you may donate anything you wish at any time, all non-perishable food items are needed!  Thank you for helping!


THE  GUEST  HOUSE                 

which helps men in transition, both “in shelter” & in permanent housing, has many serious needs, for “Old Man Winter” isn’t done with us yet!  now that winter has arrived with a vengeance.  We’ve been helping The Guest House for many years, & plan to continue helping with their ministry. Especially needed at present are:

  • New men’s jeans (34x32, 36 x 32, & 38 x 32)
  • New men’s T-shirts sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3 XL
  • New men’s boxers sizes S, M, 2X & 3 X
  • New men’s deodorant


To view the remainder of the Guest House Wish List, please go to their web site,


See the source image

Don’t forget to help us as we continue to support WILSON SCHOOL!  We’ve started our 5th  year helping this WAWM elementary school by making donations of back packs & school supplies.  This school, (like so many others in the area) has a significant number of students whose parents, through no fault of their own, cannot afford the necessary school supplies.  Teachers & administrators often dig deep into their own pockets to provide for these children, whom they care about so deeply.   This this is a year-long, ongoing mission for us, so once school is actually in session, we don’t stop bringing supplies … we keep providing them!


INTERFAITH  WEST  CENTRAL  sent us the following message:

We have had a jump in the number of seniors requesting help and some of our regular volunteers have either moved or are facing their own health challenges and are no longer available.  In short, we need more volunteers!  Just once a month, that is all we are asking for from you.  Join our Serve a Senior Once a Month program.  The commitment is minimal, the impact is huge.  Please contact the West Central Interfaith Neighborhood Outreach Program office to discuss the many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of older adults in your community.     414-774-1747 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                Tammy Herro, Manager, West Central Neighborhood Outreach

                             Interfaith Older Adult Programs

This dedicated group also needs VOLUNTEER DRIVERS .  The DRIVERS bring Interfaith clients to needed appointments: doctor, hairdresser, dentist, etc.  Even if you’re able to drive only once in a while, your help will be valued.  If you’re able to take clients with walkers, please let Interfaith know.  


We received REQUEST from the Elm Grove Golden K  Kiwanis Club, asking us to include the following in this Messenger.  “The Club is seeking retired men & women to become new members.  The Club is committed to community service in the local area, with emphasis on activities that benefit children.  For more information, see the club’s website at:, or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”


We’re happy to include requests of this kind in our newsletter, provided that we have space available.







APRIL,  2018





SUNDAYS  8:15 – 9:15 – Chancel Choir practices


SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

and  at

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

Communion 1st  Sunday of each month, & on

Easter, Maundy Thursday &  Christmas Eve

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


3rd & 4th  WEDNESDAYS from

7:00-8:30 PM – Chancel Choir

practices in the sanctuary


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet



“Spinning Yarns” knitting ministry


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday



NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included below.


Sun, April 1     9:30 AM – EASTER worship, with baptism

Sun April 8     8:15 AM – Choir practice

               9:30 AM – HOLY HUMOR SUNDAY 

             10:45 AM – Sunday School on HUMOR

Tues, April 10 -    7:00 PM – Resources Committee meets

Thur April 12   Noon – CE/Nurture Committee meets in the library

                          1:30 PM – PACE meets

                          7:00 PM – Friends of MS meet in Jack Reichert Hall


Tues April 17   7:00 PM – Session meets


Sat April 21     9:00 AM - Spring Clean-Up Day *  

                         9:00 AM – Spinning Yarns


Sun April 22 – Earth Day Communion Worship


Sun April 29     Deacons meet after worship