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1455 S. 97th St., West Allis, WI 53214

Church Office 453-3710     Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid    

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies   (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 AM                Sunday Church School  10:45 AM

“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”       


Sunday Worship Schedule

 February 6 - March 6, 2011


 Sun Feb 6 - 9:30 AM      Communion Worship

First Reading:  1 Corinthians 2:1-12

Second Reading: Psalm 112

Sermon: “Steady Hearts”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Judy Olson

Ushers: Dick Kloes

Servers: Eric Arenz, Diane Edward, Dan Lefevre & Judy Olson


Sun Feb 13 - 9:30 AM    “Penny Sunday”   

First Reading: Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Second Reading: 1st Corinthians 3:1-9

Sermon: “Are We Ready for Solid Food?”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Laurie Kadunc

Ushers: Greg Smith; Eric & Matt Arenz


Sun  Feb 20 - 9:30 AM    Health Awareness Day

First Reading:  Matthew 5:38-48

Second Reading: Leviticus 19:1 & 2, 9-18

Sermon: “A Healthy, Holy Life?”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Anne Sheridan

Ushers:  Libbie Jansen


Sun Feb 27 - 9:30 AM    “Penny Sunday”

The young people from Heritage Presbyterian

Church in Muskego will be leading our worship

this morning.

Ushers: Tom Liempeck, Jeff & Jim Dickson


Sun Mar 6 - 9:30 AM      Communion Worship

Transfiguration of the Lord

First Reading:  Matthew 17:1-9

Second Reading: Psalm 99

Sermon: “On the Mountain”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  J T Gall

Ushers: Dick Kloes

Servers:  Dan Lefevre, Diane Edward, Lori Johnson & Judy Olson

THE  ANNUAL MEETING & POT LUCK LUNCHEON DATE has changed!  It’s been moved to Sun., Feb. 13, immediately following Sunday School.  (We wanted to clear the way for all Super Bowl festivities on the 6th, since a VERY special team is playing ...)  As always you’re asked to bring a dish to share (salad, veggie, entrée, or dessert), plus your own tableware (which saves on clean-up time, following.)  Lunch begins at 11:45; the Congregational Meeting at about 12:30 PM.  It’s important to attend, for we’ll elect members-at-large of the Nominating Committee, chose a new member for the Audit Committee, & vote on the pastor’s terms of call.  The food’s always SOOOOO tasty, & the meeting’s informative. 

AFTER CHURCH CAFÉ  for the Peace & Justice Committee will be held from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM  on Sun. Feb 27.  It features home-made soup & “build-your-own sandwich”, & raises funds for the many worthwhile organizations the committee supports (St. Ben’s meal program, Habitat, etc.)  The cost is just $5.50 for adults, $2.50 for children under age 12; Joanne Haschker is selling tickets, now!

SUN. FEB. 27, our morning worship will be led by the Heritage Presbyterian Church

young people, ages 4 through high schoolers.  The worship is based on the Montreat Worship Conference experiences of the seven Heritage young people who attended that event 2 years ago.  They’ll do special liturgy, & entertain us with skits & songs ...  it will be very meaningful.



   Happy February, Beloved:

      Here’s a challenge for us…  We are known far and wide as a most warm and welcoming faith family!

      While most of that warmth is clearly linked to the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at least a little part comes from a very, very old friend of ours: the furnace.

       That furnace has served us so well for nearly 6 decades, but it is in deep need of rest.   I used to think it was originally designed to burn coal, but it seems that oil was its first fuel.  When it was converted to natural gas many years ago, legend has it that it operated at somewhere around 80% efficiency.  The story goes that gas furnaces lose an average of 1% of efficiency for each year of use, even when lovingly cared for, as ours has been.  (Thanks, Chuck!)

       Our greatest concern is that, if in the deepest, coldest moment of winter, the furnace should “give up the ghost”, we would be in real trouble.

       And so, our Session has begun a drive to raise the funds for a new furnace.  That new furnace will not only be infinitely more reliable, it will be up to 50% more efficient and save us up to between $1500 and $2000 a year in fuel costs - not to mention be tremendously more friendly to God’s creation.  (less pollution!!!!)

       So, please stay tuned for information to come, and give some serious thought and prayer to how you can contribute to our “Warmth Fund.”  We may need to raise in excess of $30,000.

       Thank you so much for your love and support to our faith family.  Warmer days ahead!  God loves you.  Me too!                               -  Pastor Kevin

On SUNDAY, MARCH 20, the SOUTHMINSTER P. C. Youth Music Ministry will

be with us to perform “The Prodigal”, a Christian rock musical based on the Biblical tale of the Prodigal Son.  We always enjoy hosting this event, for the performers display such talent & enthusiasm .... it’s a good time to invite friends & neighbors to attend church with you!

GAPC young folks are invited to meet at Southminster (200 Richard St., in Waukesha) on Sat. Feb. 12, at 6:00 PM, to learn a song that Southminster would like us to JOIN them in singing, when they appear here ... contact Jenni Walker Noyes, Southminster’s CE Director, at 262-361-4232 if you have questions.)

PRESBYTERY’S “DISCOVERY DAY” at Carroll University is Sat., Feb. 26,

& it’s an exciting educational  opportunity.  Formerly known as “Church Leader Training Day”,  it’s for EVERYONE who wants to take an active part of the life of their church!  The theme is “Walking on the Moon”; keynote speaker is Sarah Drummond, author of Holy Clarity; workshops include elder training; deacon training/networking; & several other exciting options.  There’s an All Presbytery Choir, which our musicians might like to consider.  Worship leader Rob Ater or  Martha Stoner, the choir director, can give you details ... Cost is just $12 per person if we turn in our registrations by Feb. 4 -- lunch is included in the price!  Arrive to socialize & enjoy a continental breakfast at 8:30 AM; the Benediction is at 3:00 PM.  Registration forms are in the narthex; turn in to Diane Edward or Terry Arenz, as soon as possible! 

THE  SOUPER  BOWL of HUNGER collection, which helps “those who do not

have so  much as a bowl of soup to eat”, will be accepted on Feb. 6.  At the conclusion of worship, our young people will stand at the sanctuary doors holding empty  soup pots.  We hope they won’t be empty for long!  You’re asked to drop in one dollar (or more, if you wish), in support of this mission which goes to help local food pantries.  On  this “Super Bowl Sunday”, as we celebrate our beloved Green Bay Packers, please turn your attention to this very serious need, & support “Souper Bowl”.



Prayers for:

 Gail Kloes underwent knee replacement surgery on Jan. 18.  She’ll spend some time at a rehab facility before returning home. Dick tells us she’s doing well.  We’re praying for a speedy recovery!

 Norma Schuele fell & broke her shoulder in three places ... She’s in St. Luke’s Hospital, as we go to press.

 Lin Bradley had surgery to remove a melanoma from her foot on Jan. 19.  We’re hopeful that it will clear the way for Lin to be put on the list for a kidney transplant. soon.

 Barb Brunett, whose right knee replaced on Jan. 28.  Rapid healing, Barb!

 The Leintz family.  Ed is hospitalized in Georgia with a severe lung problems.  He’s out of the ICU, but requires lots of oxygen, & his condition is very, very serious.  Pam & Ed send thanks to the church family for the prayers, cards, & good wishes.  Pam tells us they can really feel our prayers, which has been a source of support.

 Joann Jakubowski was hospitalized with a very serious e-coli infection.  She’s home, & has even been back with us in worship, but reports that her energy hasn’t yet returned.  Joann thanks everyone for their help & concern.

 Rev. Roger Hawthorne, a frequent visitor here, was hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia.  He hopes to be home by the time this newsletter is published.

 Joanne Burke, who is being treated for an ulcer on her leg.

 Continued prayers for: all of our shut-ins


  Pam & Dan Bailey are grandparents of twin girls, Emma & Elise, born recently to daughter Heidi & her husband Mike Aigner.  Although Elise was in tentative condition early on, we understand both girls are doing well, now.  Congratulatons!

 In the baptism of Gianna Rose Herrara, daughter of Nicole & John, during our Jan 23 worship service. 

 That Loretta Nalencz is beginning to see some improvements in her health!  

 Exciting News!

The Chimes we’ve been hoping to add to our Music Program have been ordered!   They’ll enhance our worships, they’re easy to play (we’re encouraging our young people to consider learning how) & they’ll be here before you know it!  Horray!


“I want to extend a very special thank you to all the members of the Handbell Choir and Chancel Choir for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the past few months in preparation for the Christmas season. The performance that you gave on Christmas Eve was absolutely beautiful!

Also, Janice and I would like to thank all of you for the Christmas gifts which you gave to us. We appreciate them so much!

Special thanks to Pastor Kevin and Sally for hosting yet another wonderful Christmas party. Everyone had a great time!

Many Blessings- Jill Lukas


Janice Pendergast has a friend who is in need of some help, specifically in the form of donations of furniture & household supplies.  If you have items in good condition that you no longer need, please contact Janice at church on Sundays; or by email:


We Love Our Custodial Volunteers !   For January, those dusting, vacuuming, mopping & cleaning were:  Ed & Bobbie Griffith, Hugh Evans, Peter Zoeller, & Anne Sheridan.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  These volunteers continue to be our “Custodial Angels”, for it’s a vitally important means of keeping our expenses here at the church down!  DO, PLEASE, consider helping the church in this way!


 Feb 6 - Kathie & Greg Smith                      Feb 27 - Joyce Zeeb

 Feb 13 - Jeri & John Gamache                   Mar 6 - Kay & Chuck Barber

 Feb 20 - Julie Williams



Committee chairpersons & others who were so punctual in turning in their Annual Reports for 2010.  Jill Lukas earned  “shiny gold stars” for turning her report in VERY EARLY,. but many others were early as well!  This makes life SOOO much easier in the church office ... you’re all appreciated!  

                 and ...

The Tarvids, host & hostess of the extraordinary, wonderful Music Department (post) Christmas party on Jan. 14.

                 and ...

To the many folks who ordered Poinsettias to decorate the sanctuary for Christmas, & beyond.  This year’s plants were especially lovely, as Milegar’s upgraded our order from 6 ½” to 7” plants, at no extra charge!

                and ...

All who “Un-hung” the Greens on Jan. 9.

                and ...

Melissa Herguth from Habitat for Humanity, who spoke with our Adult Class on Jan. 23.


To Dick Kloes, who assembled the Annual Reports, & to Elsie Mae & Ken Arenz, who assembled the “snail mail” February Messenger.


ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sun. Feb 6 - Guest speaker is Linda Oberbrunner, from ECFA (Evangelical Child & Family Agency), which ministers to the physical, emotional, & spiritual needs of women & men who are facing unplanned pregnancies, supporting evangelical families & individuals seeking to adopt, & providing for infants & children in need of temporary foster care & adoption.  


ELDERS & their committees ...  For 2011, here’s the lineup --

Resources - Ed Griffith, chairperson, & Dan Lefevre & Jim Dickson

Peace & Justice - Barb Brunett, chairperson, & Ed Griffith

Christian Education - Diane Edward, chairperson, & Janice Pendergast

Health & Wellness - Jenny Lefevre, chairperson, & Tina Myers

Nurture/Evangelism - Eric Arenz, chairperson, & Dan Lefevre

Personnel -  Sue Pope, chairperson; Lori Johnson & Judy Olson

Nominating Committee - Lori Johnson, chairperson, & Dan Lefevre

We always need folks from the congregation to serve on our committees, as well.  Your presence, input & help are valued!  Just check the church calendar, see when a committee that interests you meets, & ATTEND the meeting!  No experience necessary, & you’ll be warmly welcomed!

HEY, EVERYONE! - Save the date -- Sunday, February 13--for a very special presentation following the church service.  All Sunday School classes, youth and adult, plus anyone else interested are invited to hear about our planned Retreat scheduled for June 3rd and 4th at Cedar Valley in West Bend.  You'll enjoy an enthusiastic presentation by those who have attended past retreats including a video.  The retreat is for youth and adults alike, so please join us in the library after service on Feb. 13th to hear all about it.               - The C.E. Committee

MARCH MADNESS SPAGHETTI DINNER - Mark your calendars for Friday, March 11 -- It’s March Madness here at GAPC!   We will be having a Spaghetti Dinner that night at 6:30 PM in Jack Reichert Hall. “Chef Jill” will be making homemade spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread….and it is sure to be delicious! There will be more information to follow in the weeks ahead but please invite your friends and family to join us for this very “special” event. And of course, if you are willing to help with set-up, clean-up or bringing a desert….please let Jill know. Tickets will be just $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under age 12.


MILWAUKEE  ADMIRALS  HOCKEY  -  There’s still time to sign up to attend the game with your  GAPC family on Sat. Mar. 19.   See Mark Brodaczynski at church,to make your reservation.  You KNOW Mark has arranged for some EXCELLENT seats for us, as “our” Admirals face off against Lake Erie.  (We’re told that Huey Lewis & the News will make a live appearance, following the game! Tickets are just $13 for adults, $9 for kids, but the price does NOT include food or beverage items, as we erroneously announced in previous Messengers.  Sorry if this inconveniences anyone ...)  For those asking “Who are Huey Lewis & the News” -- come find out!!  You’ll have a “rockin’ good” time!


Thurs., April 14 - Seder meal in Jack Reichert Hall

April 17 - Passion Sunday Service handled by the church youth

Sun June 19 - Strawberry Fest

Sat Oct 22 - Fall Fest.

SCRIP is now available for Pick ’n Save!  You can order on the second Sunday of each month, in $25 increments, & the church will receive 4% of the total price of your purchase!   (Of course, you’ll want to keep your Roundy’s card, to take advantage of coupon items,  but that’s ALL it will be used for.  Plan ahead, & you can make important donations to the church with this, and all your other, Scrip orders!

For those who wonder ABOUT  PER  CAPITA ... It’s an amount which much be paid to the presbytery each year; this year’s amount is $27.80 per member.  It’s essential to the administration of presbytery, synod, & General Assembly, & does much “behind the scenes” work, such as CE curriculum development, church revitalization, Synod School, & MANY more programs that are vital in supporting our churches!






SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

Communion 1st  Sunday  of each month

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MONDAYS - 6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”


TUESDAYS - 4:30 - 7:00 PM - Teen DIVAS

5:00 - 6:00 PM - TOPS  in  library


WEDNESDAYS 3:00 PM - Maplegrove Treatment Center

meets downstairs; Director Tim Kabarra has office

hours  in lower classroom, as necessary.

6:30  PM- Handbells

7:30 PM - Chancel Choir


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday


NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included in the information below -- unless an event is CANCELLED on a particular date.


Sun Feb 6   9:30 AM- Baptism of Marcelo Guzman, son of Dawn & Ricardo

Mon Feb 7   7:15 PM - Resources Committee meets

Thurs Feb 10    9 - 12:00 - There’s a meeting of an outside group in the library

Sat Feb 12       6:00 PM - Young people who want to sing with Southminster’s Mar. 20 visit here meet at

                                         Southminster to rehearse *

Sun Feb 13    11:45 AM - Pot Luck Luncheon *

                       12:30 PM - Annual Meeting *

Tues Feb 15     6:30 PM - Session meets

Fri Feb 18-Sat Feb 19- Pastor Kevin’s Days Off *

Mon Feb 21    9:00 AM - DEADLINE for the

                                         March newsletter

                        7:15 PM - Nurture/CE Committee

Tues Feb 22    4:00 PM -  Presbytery, at Delafield

Sat Feb 26   8:30-3:00 - Discovery Day at Carrol1 *

Sun Feb 27  9:30 AM-Heritage Youth do worship *

                   11:00 - 1:00 - After Church Café *


           For the month of December,  2010

                 INCOME         $  15,477.16 

              EXPENSES       $  12,493.01

As of Dec 31, 2010  

                  a gain of        $    2,984.15




     is MON., FEB 21, at 9:00 AM !!  ** 


   *   Article about event appears in newsletter

 VERY SOON, our GAPC Sunday morning worships will be broadcast on Channel 96!