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Church Office 453-3710     Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid    

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies   (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship                 Sunday Church School

9:30 AM       10:45 AM

“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”



Sunday Worship Schedule

November 7 - November 29, 2010


Sun Nov 7 - 9:30 AM    Communion Worship

First Reading: Haggai 1:15b-2:9

Second Reading: Luke 20:27-38

Sermon: “For the long Haul”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Diane Edward

Ushers: Dick & Gail Kloes

Servers: Lori Johnson, Judy Olson


Sun  Nov 14 - 9:30 AM    “Penny Sunday”

First Reading:  2nd Thessalonians 3:6-13 

Second Reading: Isaiah 65:17-25

Sermon: “The Fantastic Voyage”

Liturgist:  Anne Sheridan

Children’s Message: Vicky Kuglitsch

Ushers:  Larry & Greg Smith; Eric & Matt Arenz


Sun Nov 21 - 9:30 AM

First Reading:  Luke 1:68-79

Second Reading: Colossians 1:11-20

Sermon:  “The Head of the Body”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Judy Olson

Ushers: Libbie Jansen


Sun Nov 28 - 9:30 AM     “Celebration Sunday”,

First Sunday of Advent & “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Matthew 24:36-44

Second Reading: Isaiah 2:1-5

Sermon: “No, No, Doom!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Terry Arenz

Ushers: Tom Liempeck, Jim & Jeff Dickson


CONGREGATIONAL MEETING for the ELECTION OF OFFICERS in the “Class of 2013” will be

held immediately following worship on Sun., Nov. 7.  (Be sure to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Nov. 6, as Daylight Savings Time ENDS Nov. 7.  You’d hate to arrive for worship an hour early ...)

Article on Fall Fest & Jill’s Quilt

on Internet


Joann Jakubowski’s friend Jodi is “the Milwaukee Quilt Examiner”, & publishes on  When she attended our Oct. 23 Fall Fest, Jodi was so impressed by the Fest itself, & by the beautiful Christmas quilt Jill Lukas donated to the raffle, she decided to write an article for the internet publication.  


Starting on Friday, Oct. 29, you’ll be able to read Jodi’s story about the fest, the quilt, & Jill.  Jill was happy to furnish a picture of the quilt, (which she took before the raffle began), to accompany the article.


In her writings, Jodi says WONDERFUL things about Fall Fest & our church.  We’re delighted to learn that she plans to make attending our event an annual outing for herself!


                         Go to

                      category “Home & Living”  to view the article. 


Thanks Joann, for inviting Jodi to visit us; thank you, Jill, for your comments to Jodi; & special thanks to Jodi, for her words of praise!


FROM PASTOR KEVIN:  Hello, Beloved!

            It is soooo good to be back!!!  I  am so grateful for my “mini-sabbatical”, but I am even more grateful to be able to be back to ministry - full strength and rarin’ to go!

            While the body is still a challenge, when I was away I did receive the gifts of rest and renewal, and especially some added clarity of purpose.  It is a great feeling.

            I am convinced that we need each other more than ever, and that especially our community and the world need us more than ever - most of all because of the message we bring - the love of Jesus Christ.

            While I was on leave, I got a chance to gain a little perspective, and to reflect on the fact that we are different - unique - extraordinary, and that’s a good thing.  The Church today is struggling so - almost withering on the vine. 

            What makes us different also makes us valuable.  We can be a beacon to the communities around us, and ultimately, to the rest of the church.  We just have to remain faithful, and dedicated, and willing. 

            Over the years, it has become clear that I need to focus my energies on worship, pastoral care, and church growth.  I want our worship together to be even more faithful, spirited, delightful and inspiring.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

            On the issue of pastoral care, we have always had a rather unique situation.  Unlike most pastors, I am available to you almost 24/7/365.  In return, I ask that you let me know when you’d like to see me.  I count on the Spirit to guide me in prioritizing my time.  If you call me, I know that with you is where God wants me to be at any given moment.

            Then, with remaining time, I need to work to strengthen our church, the Presbytery, and the Church in general.  We need all the help we can get!!!

            Of course, all of this is done within the context of your loving partnership.  I am so grateful to have you serving side-by-side with me.  You are amazing!

            Finally, I am so thankful for the help you gave me on my roof!!!!  I can’t tell you what a worry having a leaky roof has been for the last several years.  So many of you worked so hard, and so long.  I will never forget your kindness, and I will always seek to repay it!!!

            God loves you.  Me too!!!! 

                                                     -    Pastor Kevin


We’re sponsoring a BLOOD DRIVE on Sat., Nov. 6, here at the church, from 10:00 AM -

2:00 PM, in Jack Reichert Hall.  Just one pint of blood can save up to THREE lives, & it’s a wonderful way of “giving back” in gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy.  Marv Saugstad is  signing up folks to donate; 35 donors are needed for the event to be a “go”... (more is even better).  The BloodCenter of Wisconsin supplies ALL the blood for more than 50 Wisconsin hospitals, & the need is greater than ever.  Questions?  Want to volunteer?   Speak with Marv.

 From the Book of Yard Work,  Chapter 14:10-23

 “And God created autumn, so the colorful leaves might turn brown & fall, the grasses & weeds would die back, & the earth could prepare for the coming of winter.  Therefore, God’s people are  invited to come & play in the fallen leaves at the church, & enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors, getting healthy exercise as they labor at raking, & tidying.  Thus the snow which is to come may fall on a yard which is pristine, & immaculate.”   Then speaketh the Resources Committee: “Behold, for everything there is a season.  The time has come to rake, & pick up, & make spiffy.”  (Spiffy?  Yea, spiffy.)  Therefore it is decreed that on Sunday, Nov. 14, following Sunday School, a YARD CLEAN-UP DAY shall take place at the church, that all things may be made BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL.  Your assistance is needed!  Please bring yourself, & a rake, your pruning sheers, & other yard care equipment, & celebrate the changing seasons by helping out.   It should not take long.  If you can help, please speak to Ed Griffith.  A light lunch is planned.

 CALLING  ALL GAPC  VETERANS - On Sun., Nov. 14, we’ll be honoring our veterans during worship, & at a special coffee time,  following, for we want them to know how deeply grateful the entire church family is for their service.  Those who wish to do so will have time  share experiences & insights with us, & receive our hugs of appreciation.  DO plan to be present in Jack Reichert Hall at that time.  We don’t want to miss anyone, so if you’re a veteran & HAVEN’T been contacted to take part, PLEASE phone Bobbie Griffith, 414-453-0982 so that you can be included!   (With Veteran’s Day falling on Nov. 11, Sunday the 14th seemed like the ideal date to “salute” these selfless folks!) 

 A SPECIAL THANKSGIVING WORSHIP will take place at 6:30 PM on Sunday, Nov. 21, at Forest Park Presbyterian Church, 2300 S. Sunny Slope Rd., New Berlin, in which GAPC & Heritage churches will participate.  In addition to scripture & thought-provoking messages, the combined choirs will provide marvelous music.  Invite your friends to be there as we gather to give thanks for our many blessings!                       



Prayers for: 

 Linda May passed away peacefully on Oct. 1, after a 6-month battle against cancer. 

On  Sunday, Oct. 24, we included a “Remembering Linda May” portion in our morning worship.  Pastor Kevin read a letter Linda had asked him to read to the congregation, & several folks close to Linda shared memories.  She’ll be missed!

 Arliss Evans, now a resident of Heritage Memory Care Unit.

 Lin Bradley, getting closer to receiving a place on the kidney transplant list ...   

 Tom Tarnowski, who was hospitalized for tests, & received a pacemaker.  Tom is now able to be in worship with us, & plans to be back in choir, as well.

 Bill Burke, who took a spill & suffered a minor break in his left arm, near the shoulder. 

 Jeri Gamache, undergoing some medical testing.

 Lee Larson, who’s having eye surgery.

 Gail Kloes, having extensive dental work.

 Those who are grieving the loss of beloved pets.

 Continued prayers for: Loretta Nalencz; all of our shut-ins



 For Derek Saugstad, who was inducted into the National Honor Society on Oct. 18 with a nice dinner ceremony.  Laurie Kadunc honored the Saugstad family by accompanying Derek to the event, while Pastor Kevin was on sabbatical.  (JR & Heather are all smiles!)  CONGRATULATIONS!

 For Eric Arenz, who’s now a member of the West Allis Community Band & Jazz Band.  Their first concert was the last Thursday of October.  We’ll keep you posted about upcoming events! 

 That Elsie Mae Arenz’ cataract surgery was so successful.


 Nov 1 -  Phyllis Shudy

6 - Kerstin Lefevre

7 - Peter Shudy

10 - Diane Edward

16- Kathy Doty

19 - Steven Seiberlich

20 - Beth Beck

21 - Sandy Brick

22 - Megan Ewert

26 - Elsie Mae Arenz & Zoriah Rolon

27 - Judy Dickson

29 - Kathie (“Kat”) Smith & Ken Burke

30 - Laurie Elliott


Nov. 2 - Peg & Lee Larson  -  (54 years!)

22 - “Friends of the Church” Lynn & Jim Heinrich

26 - Bill & Joanne Haschker  -  (44 years!)



Harry Koroghlanian,

a member of our church for 52 years, was awarded the Martha Marlow Post Chaplain’s Award at the 92nd American Legion State Convention, held in Wausau last summer.  The award was given for Harry’s work as chaplain for Legion Post 416 in Greendale.  In the past 15 years, he has attended more than 800 military funerals, & done the reading as the flag is folded by the military. 

In addition, their Americanism Committee presents school & senior center programs each year in Greendale, Greenfield, Franklin, West Allis, & Hales Corners.

As veterans they feel they owe a debt of gratitude to our country & community for the many freedoms we all enjoy & often take for granted.

      Congratulations, Harry!

We’re so pleased you’ve been recognized in this way.


Email change:  Phyllis Anderson can now be reached at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Nov 7 - Laurie Karrels                       Nov 28 - Joyce Zeeb

 Nov 14 - Pet & Lee Larson                 Dec 5 - Marv Saugstad 

 Nov 21 - Megan & Steve Ewert


Sandy Reichert, who handled phone calls & checked emails while Pastor Kevin was on mini-sabbatical, & Sue Smith was on vacation.  

                 and ...

Hilda Czaplewski, who held our Adult Sunday School class spellbound on Oct. 3, as she related her experiences in London during the “blitz” of WWII, and as a WREN.

                 and ...

Alan & Eric Arenz, who recorded Hilda’s remarks on Oct. 3.  If you weren’t able to be present, let Sue Smith know & she’ll make arrangements for you to hear the CD.

                 and ...

All of our Miller Park workers!  Between Brewers games & the Farm Aid concert Oct.2, these dedicated folks raised $5,000 for the church!

                 and ...

FALL FEST  coordinators Laurie Kadunc (Kitchen & café); Terry Arenz (rummage); Joanne Haschker (bake sale); Diane Edward  & Phyllis Anderson (raffle).  Additional special thanks to Kayla & Stephanie Jervis & Matt Arenz, who spent countless hours MARKING rummage items. And to Jill Lukas, who made the fantastic Christmas quilt (won by Ann & Tom Liempeck) for the raffle. 

                 and ...

Thanks to everyone who helped with at Fall Fest in any way: to those who brought rummage items; to our wonderful bakers; to those who donated raffle items; our kitchen workers; set-up & clean-up workers; those with trucks & trailers, who hauled rummage; those who delivered flyers; those who came to buy, or to eat ... EVERYONE!  We wish we could name names, but there isn’t enough room in the Messenger, to list the many, many helpers! 

                 and ...

Pastor Kev, who provided “special music” on Oct. 24, while the choir took a “day off”.

                 and ...

To all our veterans, & those presently serving in the armed forces of the U.S.A., for their dedication & service. 

                 and ...

Mark Brodaczynski, who shepherded the Oct. 9 trip to the Milwaukee Admirals season opener.

                 and ...

Alan Arenz, whose very presence caused the recalcitrant office computer’s monitor to begin working again.

                 and ...

Those who participated in Oct. 10’s CROP WALK against hunger, by walking or sponsoring walkers.

                 and ...

Everyone who prepared, & those who ate at, the Peacemaking Luncheon on Oct. 3.

                 and ...

The Nominating Committee, whose members spent much time compiling a slate of  deacon & elder candidates for the church board’s “Class of 2013”.

                 and ...

Dick & Gail Kloes, ever-faithful office volunteers, always cheerful & ready to help.


FALL FEST - Early totals are in (though there’s a bit more to come, as bake sale monies are still coming in).  What an incredible  event!  As we go to press, the total profit was $4,915.00!!! 

Here’s a breakdown, for those who like to keep track of such things:

Rummage    -   $  2,279

Raffle                      824

Bakery                  1,160

Cards/potholders       73

Kitchen                    689


As noted, a few more dollars have yet to be received, so we’re confident the amount will  be very close to the $5,000 mark.  This was just a SENSATIONAL effort, wildly successful.  We are absolutely THRILLED!. 

 HANG THE GREENS on NOV. 27! Who are the Greens, & why are we so angry at them that we want to hang them?  (Just kidding!)  Advent begins on Nov. 28, so it’s time to prepare  for the Christmas season by putting up the big Christmas tree in the sanctuary, & decorating the church.  We’ll need LOTS of help, (for things go very quickly with many workers ...)  There’ll be some coffee, & finger food to snack on to keep up our strength ...  We’ll begin at 9:00 AM! 


We Love Our Custodial Volunteers !  For October, those dusting, vacuuming, mopping & cleaning were:  Ed & Bobbie Griffith, Joann Jakubowski & Kerstin & Dan Lefevre.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  These volunteers continue to be our “Custodial Angels”, for it’s a vitally important means of keeping our expenses here at the church down!  DO, PLEASE, consider helping the church in this way!


a  a  a  

 Purchased your 2011 calendar yet?  If not, do get one soon, for we have two dates for you to set aside right away!  First is DISCOVERY DAY at Carroll University, on Sat., Feb. 26.  Formerly known as “Church Leader Training Day”, this event is for EVERYONE who’s involved in the work of the church.  Featured are fascinating workshops; training for new deacons & elders; a time for worship; & an inspiring keynote speaker, Sarah Drummond, author of the book Holy Clarity.    “Walking on the Moon” is the theme for the day, & it’s educational, fun, a great time to connect with friends from other churches within the Presbytery of Milwaukee.

 and  then  there’s

 ADMIRALS HOCKEY, with so many fans here at GAPC.  Mark Brodaczynski has arranged for some EXCELLENT seats for us at Sat., March 19, game.  (Hewey Lewis & the News will make a live appearance as well!  For those too young to remember, it’s a rock band ...)  Mark is already signing up folks to go ... catch him on Sunday mornings, or call him to make your reservation.   It’s an affordable afternoon filled with lots of fun & excitement!      

MIDWEEK WORSHIP services have resumed, on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM.  They’re more in the “contemporary” vein, with conversations about the scripture readings, music, & a warm feeling of fellowship.  Haven’t tried them yet?  Stop in, & join us!



A Pew Survey conducted in July of this year resulted in a fascinating discovery.  More than 1,000 Christian households were polled, & the financial implications were amazing.

First & foremost, the survey revealed that folks who read the Bible on a daily basis,

(one might say “they read it religiously “...) have less unpaid credit card debt, fewer car payments, & fewer mortgages, less debt in every area of life.   Conversely, those who read their Bibles less frequently or not at all were much more likely to have significant debt.

How come?

Surveyors concluded that a disciplined spiritual life tends to spill over to discipline in other areas of life, which certainly includes the way the individual manages finances.  Simply put, those guided by the wisdom found in God’s word are more likely to manage all areas of their lives responsibly, the financial among them.

The survey also found that “daily Bible readers are more than twice as likely to give” a substantial portion of their income “to God’s work at their church & other ministries.  Daily Bible reading leads people to a conviction that God is their true Provider, & they are to be generous with whatever resources God entrusts to them during their lifetime. “

Stewardship month is upon us. We are asked to spend time considering how we might support the church & its mission with our time, our talents, & our treasure. 

We’d like to suggest that you read your Bible daily, if you haven’t developed this excellent habit already.  Then, as you ponder your pledge for 2011,  think of it as an “investment”, rather than “giving”.  You are investing in Greenfield Avenue Presbyterian Church, for the present, & the future: investing in the people who worship here today, tomorrow, & for  generations to come.  It’s an investment in the mission of your church, as well.  It’s also an investment in God’s work in the greater community, & the world, for we are a church of involvement.  Pray.  Consider.  We have important work to do, individually & collectively.  Your support is more important now than ever.   


DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ends on Sun. Nov. 7.  Be sure to set your clocks BACK on hour before retiring on Nov. 6.  (You’d hate to arrive at worship the 7th an hour early!)


ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL meets immediately following worship each week (well, almost each week ... there are some exceptions, which are announced well in advance ...) in the library, & there are a variety of topics covered.  We’ve learned a lot about “What it means to be Presbyterian”; we’ve discussed current events; Hilda Czaplewski was “interviewed” about her experiences in England during WWII, & while some enjoyed BOWLING on Wii,.on Oct. 24, others had their first exposure, & learned just what Wii  IS.  There’s coffee in the classroom, so you don’t need to go downstairs (unless you’d like to grab a sweet treat, which you’re encouraged to bring up to class ...)  If you haven’t yet taken part in a class, we’d like to invite you to do so on upcoming Sundays.   It can be spiritually uplifting, thought-provoking, fun, or even all of the above.  Give it a try!


POINSETTIA PLANTS to decorate the sanctuary at Christmas may be ordered beginning Sun., Nov. 14.  You may choose a plant (or more) in red, pink, or white, for a cost of just $8.50  per plant.  DEADLINE for orders is Sunday, December 5, so get your order in as soon as possible.  DO remember to indicate whether or not you plan to take your plant home after the Christmas Eve worship.







SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP 

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

Communion 1st  Sunday  of each month

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MONDAYS - 6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”


TUESDAYS - 4:30 - 7:00 PM - Teen DIVAS

5:00 - 6:00 PM - TOPS  in  library


WEDNESDAYS 3:00 PM - Maplegrove Treatment Center

meets downstairs; Director Tim Kabarra has office

hours  in lower classroom, as necessary.

6:30  PM- Handbells

7:30 PM - Chancel Choir


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

7:00 PM - Midweek Worship

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday



NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included in the information below -- unless an event is CANCELLED on a particular date.



Mon Nov 1 - Eat at Edwardo’s Pizza from 111:00 AM on today, (must bring flyer from church), & the

                      church will receive 20% of your total order; dine in, carry out, or delivery!!!

Tues Nov 2 - ELECTION DAY!   VOTE!!!

Sat Nov 6    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Blood Drive

Sun Nov 7   10:30 AM - Congregational Meeting  for election of officers in “Class of 2013” *

Mon Nov  8   7:15 PM - Resources meets

                       7:15 PM - CE meets

Tues Nov 9     6:30 PM - Peace & Justice meets

Fri Nov 12 - Pastor Kevin’s in Madison, doing a wedding, today

Sun Nov 14   9:30 AM - Veteran’s Day observed

                     10:30 AM - Veterans honored with coffee fellowship *

                      11:30 AM - Lunch prior to

          12:00 Noon - YARD CLEAN-UP DAY *

Tues Nov 16    6:30 PM - Deacons meet

Wed Nov 17     9:00 AM - Newsletter Deadline *

Sun Nov 21      6:30 PM - Thanksgiving worship

                                           at Forest Park P.C. *

Tues Nov 23  4:00 PM - Presbytery meets at Carroll  

Thurs Nov 25 - Closed for Thanksgiving holiday

Sat Nov 27     9:00 AM - Hang the Greens *

Sun Nov 28    9:30 AM - First Sunday of Advent



 ** DECEMBER NEWSLETTER DEADLINE  s WED., NOV 17, at 9:00 AM !!  ** 


   *   Article about event appears in newsletter


REMEMBER TO EAT AT EDWARDO’S PIZZA (must have flyer provided by church) on Nov. 1, from 11:00 AM on, & the church will receive a donation of 20% of your entire order: dine in, carry out, or delivery!  It’s at the southwest corner of Highway 100 & Bluemound Rd.