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“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”



 Hello, Church Family!

Your last issue of the Messenger covered the months of September & October, so we’re not repeating too much of the information contained in that newsletter.  (We hope you kept it for  reference, or jotted significant dates on your calendars...)  We did promise you a “Mini-Messenger” for October, to keep you up-to-date on events which took place following the distribution of the two-month issue.  So -- this is it.  DO refer to your Sept/Oct copy for birthdays, anniversaries, previously scheduled events, etc.  We’ll only include NEW information, here.  (Well, MOSTLY new ...)

                                                Deep peace  -

                                            Sue  Smith 


DO plan to attend the Peacemaking Luncheon on Sun., Oct. 3, from 11:00 - 1:00.  It’s our popular “Potato Topper”, with a delicious baked potato & MANY delicious toppings!  Proceeds go to support the many projects of our Peace & Justice Committee.

and ...

Before the lunch, at 10:45 AM, you’re encouraged to be present in the church library to hear Hilda Czaplewski speak with us about her experiences in England as a WREN (Women’s Royal Naval Service) during WWII.  Sue Smith will facilitate in a Q & A format, & we know you’ll find the “interview” compelling.  Feel free to invite friends to join us for both occasions!


FALL  FEST, one of our most exciting fund-raising and FUN events of the year, will take place here on Sat., Oct. 23, from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  There’s a GIANT rummage sale (you may bring your items to the church any time, but during the week, please call to be sure someone is there to let you in the building ...)  This is a  HIGH QUALITY sale, which your friends & neighbors will want to know about, so be SURE to INVITE them to come!  Perhaps they even have quality items they no longer need, but which someone else will treasure ... invite them to DONATE to the rummage, as well.   (We regret that we cannot accept clothing for the rummage.)

 In addition,  there’s a PHENOMONAL RAFFLE, featuring a queen-sized Christmas quilt, made by our talented Jill Lukas; baskets of wine; motorcycle rides; food & gift items, and SOOOO much more ... We’re accepting donations of raffle items, as well.  Contact Diane Edward if you have good things to contribute to this effort!  (Last year’s raffle was VERY successful, for a “first time” ... we’re hoping 2010’s will top it by a large margin!)


Of course, there’s our BAKE SALE, one of the best you’ll find anywhere, with tantalizing taste treats provided by our SUPER-DUPER, EXCELLENT COOKS!  (Bakers:  are you ready to out-do yourselves?  Folks come from considerable distances, just to purchase your pies, cookies, breads, cakes & other delectable yummies ...)


Remember our CAFÉ, with breakfast & lunch-time goodies?  Our friends from the community enjoy having a meal there, while rummaging & purchasing bakery ...


AND  YOUR  HELP  IS  NEEDED!  Whether your talent is for working in the kitchen, or helping sell bakery, or distributing FLYERS around the neighborhood of the church (LOTS of help needed, in this area), or helping with the rummage -- or simply TELLING EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT FALL FEST -- we appreciate anything you’re able to do!



A  CONFIRMATION  CLASS  will be held as part of the “Youth Class” this year, since all of the young folks who take part in that group are the correct age.  It’s sure to be fascinating,  as they  learn about what Christians & Presbyterians believe, field trips (which will be open to anyone in the congregation who’d like to go along, & will often be to houses of worship for those of other faiths), thought-provoking discussions  - - it will be GREAT!



SHHHH!  Don’t tell Pastor Kevin, but  Sun., Oct. 10 is CLERGY APPRECIATION DAY!  Be sure to be here in worship, to surprise him with hugs of appreciation.  (The 18th anniversary of his ordination is October 4 ...) 



CONGREGATIONAL MEETING FOR THE ELECTIONS OF CHURCH OFFICERS (Elders & Deacons in the class of 2013) will place immediately following worship on Sun., November 7.  Plan to be here!


CE & RESOURCES COMMITTEE meet at 7:15 PM on Mon. Oct. 11.



Amanda Williams, who played guitar & sang for us  in worship on Sept. 5.

and ...

Bob Huck & Ed Griffith, who installed the BRAND NEW OUTER DOOR  at the south end of the church building.  (It is SOOO lovely, at last, to have a door there that isn’t warped or difficult to open!)

and ...

Greg Smith, who donated a substantial amount of paper for us to use for making bulletin inserts of various kinds.

and ...

Joann Jakubowski, Jeri Gamache, & Ed & Bobbie Griffith, our custodial volunteers for September.

and ...

Kerstin Lefevre, who coordinated our Miller Park work this season, and all our dedicated folks who put in so many hours of hard work there.  (We won’t list names for fear of missing any ...)  Our group raised over $1600 in the final 3 games of the season, the last week of August.

and ...

Everyone who purchased mum plants to benefit Interfaith, West Central.



DAYLIGHT  SAVINGS TIME  ENDS  ON  SUNDAY, NOV. 7.  DO note this time change, & set your clocks BACK   1 hr. before going to bed on Sat. Nov. 6.  (You’d hate to be an hour early for worship the 7th!)   And DON’T FORGET to change the batteries in your smoke alarms when you set your clocks back!



 Linda May, who is expected to enter home hospice on Sept. 29.  Linda expresses her deep appreciation for the love & concern shown  by the members of her church family during this difficult illness.

 Lin Bradley, with probable pneumonia.

 Arliss & Hugh Evans, as Arliss is being prepared to enter a memory care unit.

 Beth Beck, whose condition is deteriorating.

 Barb Brunett, mending after a fall at the church while preparing “chili mac”.  Though there was a lot of bruising, she’s thankful no stitches were needed, nor were any bones broken.

 Joann Jakubowski, who took a spill.  She was shaken, but not seriously injured. 

 Ryan Smith, with a sprained shoulder & partial shoulder separation, suffered in gym class.  He’ll receive physical therapy, & hopes to be able to play in the 7th grade Wolverines final  game of the football season, but he’s most likely “out for the season”.

 Ed & Pam Leintz, on the unexpected death of Ed’s sister Mary Ann, in North Dakota.

 Rev. Roger Hawthorne, a frequent visitor at GAPC, on the death of his mother.

 Continuing prayers for : Toni Jansen; Sylvia Koroghlanian; all of our shut-ins & caregivers.


 Marie Hagen, who welcomed two great-grandchildren into her family recently.  Great

granddaughter Alaina arrived on July 12; great grandson Elex was born on July 27.

 Elsie Mae & Ken Arenz announced the arrival of their 4th great-grandchild, Sophie Anne, born to granddaughter Nicole & her husband Phillipe.

 Jenny Lefevre, who has a new job at Portrait Innovations, on the outer parameters of Brookfield Square.

 PLASTIC & PAPER BAGS are needed for rummage & bake sale items at FALL  FEST.  Please begin saving the ones you use to bring home groceries & other items from area stores, so our rummages & bakery buyers will have something to carry home their purchases!




“The caring & concern expressed by the members of our church family is just overwhelming, & quite wonderful,” Barb Brunett tells us.  “When I fell on Sept. 12, their response was instantaneous!  I think Jill (Lukas) had an ice bag on my head even before I hit the floor; Ellen Crisci immediately took on the job of seeing that the mums ordered to support Interfaith were delivered to the right people; Sally & Kristina Tarvid jumped right in to finish preparing “chili mac”; several of our registered nurses checked me out; Jill drove me to the emergency room just to be sure I wasn’t seriously injured, & everyone was so loving & supportive!  I can’t say “Thank you” often enough to this fantastic group of people, but I have to try:  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 


Admirals Game Don’t forget to talk with Mark Brodaczynski to sign up to attend the Milwaukee Admirals season opener on Sat., Oct. 9.  He’ll be glad to provide you with all the details.

 C.R.O.P.  WALK, which aims to end hunger one step at a time, is scheduled for Sun., Oct. 10, at McKinley Marina.   A number of our folks are taking part; in addition to walkers & sponsors for the walkers, we hope you’ll bring lots of non-perishable food items for our walkers to take to the event.  Barb Brunett, can tell you what time you’re to arrive there & provide additional information. THANK YOU!

 SESSION meets on Tues., Oct. 19, at 6:30 PM.                

 The BLOOD DRIVE we’re sponsoring is set for Sat., Nov. 6, from  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  We’d REALLY like to have at least 35 people sign up to donate, for that would make it a GREAT success!  Marv Saugstad, 258-1726, can provide additional details.   

 NOVEMBER IS STEWARDSHIP MONTH!   We’ll be asking all our folks to pray & consider as they make pledges of time, talent & treasure for the support of Christ’s work in the world through Greenfield Avenue Presbyterian Church.  We’ll have additional details in the November issue of the Messenger.

 Since Wednesday, Sept. 15, the MAPLEGROVE TREATMENT CENTER has been meeting in our downstairs Sunday School classroom on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  For the past 7 years, Maplegrove’s programs have been helping children & young adults, primarily those with Asperger’s Syndrome, (high-functioning autistics), as well as some diagnosed as autistic, to develop social skills, functional skills, & meaningful relationships.   It was necessary for them to find a meeting place in West Allis, where they will meet for 12 weeks in the fall/winter, & 12 weeks in the winter/summer.  Additionally, the group will meet in the church for 9 weeks, Monday through Friday, in much of our lower level, as well as in the parking lot, grassy area, & playground, in the summer.  The summer programs will accommodate approximately 30 individuals of varying age & ability levels.  Treatment Center Director Tim Kabara will also use the downstairs classroom as an office where he can meet on occasion with families who need consultation or counseling.

The center is making monthly donations to the church for use of our facilities.

If you’d like to learn more about this group, you’re encouraged to check out their website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We know you’ll be very welcoming! 

 ** DEADLINE  for the NOVEMBER MESSENGER  is Mon., Oct. 18, at 9:00 AM.  **

 CHURCH LEADER TRAINING DAY has been renamed “Discovery Day”, & it’s set to take place at Carroll University on Sat., Feb. 26, 2011 (doesn’t time fly, when you’re having fun?)  The theme is “Walking on the Moon”, & Keynote Speaker is Sarah Drummond, author of the absorbing book, Holy Clarity.  There’ll be workshops galore, with many appealing choices, including new elder & deacon training.  Please make a note to put this date on your new calendars, for it’s a most worthwhile experience.  It’s for EVERYONE in the church, including kids!  We’ll let you know about registration as soon as forms are available.





           For the month of August,  2010


                 INCOME         $  10,774.05 


              EXPENSES       $  13,300.77

As of Aug. 31,  2010  

                  a loss of       ($   2,526.72)