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1455 S. 97th St., West Allis, WI 53214

Church Office 453-3710     Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid    

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies   (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship                 Sunday Church School

9:30 AM       10:45 AM

“Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”



Sunday Worship Schedule

August 8 - September 5, 2010



Sun Aug 8 - 9:30 AM   “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Psalm 50:1-8, 22-23

Second Reading:  Luke 12:32-40

Sermon: “Treasure, Heart!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Judy Olson

Ushers: Larry & Greg Smith; Eric & Matt Arenz


Sun  Aug 15 - 9:30 AM

First Reading:  Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19

Second Reading: Luke 12:49-56

Sermon: “Division ...”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Sally Tarvid

Ushers:  Libbie Jansen, Melissa Gall


Sun Aug 22 - 9:30 AM  “Penny Sunday”

First Reading: Luke 13:10-17

Second Reading: Jeremiah 1:4-10

Sermon: “To Build & To Plant”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Sue Pope

Ushers: Tom Liempeck, Jeff Dickson


Sun Aug 29 - 9:30 AM

First Reading: Psalm 81:1, 10-16

Second Reading: Luke 14:1, 7-14

Sermon: “The Guest List”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Sue Smith

Ushers: Sherman & Sally Stock, Tom Liempeck


Sun Sept 5 - 9:30 AM    Communion Worship

First Reading: Philemon 1:1-21

Second Reading: Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

Sermon: “With All My Ways”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Judy Olson

Ushers: Dick & Gail Kloes, Jenny Lefevre

Servers: Mark Brodaczynski, Diane Edward, Judy Olson & Sally Tarvid





              FALL  FEST


                           FALL FEST


It will be here before you know it!

SAT., OCT. 23, 2010  -  9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We’re seeking donations of items to put in baskets to be made up for RAFFLE PRIZES!  Tell Diane Edward what you’ll provide...OR, perhaps you’ll donate a basket full of items, OR know of a business we can contact for a donation!  Please let Diane know!  This can be a REALLY, REALLY big part of our event!


Then ... we need LOTS OF  QUALITY  RUMMAGE ...

You can bring it to the center room downstairs any time, (but if you’re planning to come on a week day, phone first to make sure Pastor Kevin or Administrative Assistant Sue Smith will be here to let you in ... Church office, 414-453-3710)


Of course, we hope all of our EXTRAORDINARY, EXCEPTIONAL BAKERS are ready to prepare lots of PIES, & other mouth-watering, tastebud-tempting sweets.         

Naturally, we need KITCHEN HELPERS, LOANS OF CARD TABLES, FOLKS TO HELP WITH SET-UP (6:00 PM on Oct, 22, in Jack Reichert Hall, for Bake Sale & Kitchen.  You may come earlier ... provided you have a key to get in ...)   As soon as they’re printed, TAKE SOME OF OUR FLYERS, give them to your friends, neighbors, everyone you know, & INVITE THEM TO ATTEND!!!  Word-of-mouth is always the best form of advertising, & we’re soooo eager to make this our BEST FALL FEST EVER!

                          TALK  IT  UP!!! 



FROM  THE  PASTOR:  Hello, Beloved!

I’m thinking a lot these days about the issue of change.  I used to think that I was pretty comfortable with it.  I always said that the best way to deal with change is to embrace it!

But, to be perfectly honest,  I guess I only really love change when it goes in a direction I want.  I still don’t know what to do with my feelings about #4. (You know who … Brett Favre.)

But here’s something to think about.  I’ve heard it said that one definition of insanity is “to continue to do things exactly the same way, and expect something to improve.”

We’re almost two-thirds through 2010, and it’s proving to be just as challenging as we expected.  While we’re doing okay, “the” answer regarding our challenge with the day care leaving hasn’t come yet. 

If we want to get to that place where we can focus more on mission and worry less about the budget, we’re going to have to come up with something, some kind of change, some great idea.

I know we have the gifts and abilities to make this work, and I know we can get by just like this for quite a while.  I just don’t want us to limp along.  I don’t think that’s what God wants either.

So, I’m asking for prayer, ideas, strategies, offers, whatever it takes.  I am happy to embrace change when it makes us stronger, healthier, happier, and more faithful.

We can do this together.  We have God on our side.  Let’s talk.

           Peace,           -   Pastor Kevin



LEADERS:  Mission Control has scrubbed Vacation Bible School for a MORE


meet with their mission leaders on the 5 Sundays of August (Aug. 1st, 8th,15th,  22nd, &

29th) after worship.  The mission details are to know more about God & Jesus through

scripture, recreation, music, storytelling, worship, crafts, & of course, snacks!  This is

NOT a secret mission, so bring your friends, siblings, cousins, & neighbors!  Even if you

can’t make it every Sunday, you’re encouraged to be there when you can!  There is NO

fee for this mission, but registration forms need to be filled out & will be in the

narthex.  Questions?  See Mission Director Terry Arenz.


 YUMMM!  The Annual Ice Cream Social at Tarvid’s home will be Sunday,

Aug. 29, at 2:00 PM.  It’s ALWAYS wonderful fun, with food & fellowship in abundance!  You’re asked to bring your APPETITE, a lawn chair, & the desire to socialize with the church family members & friends!  Soda, ice cream & MANY toppings are provided, so there’s no need to bring food.  However, we have some folks in the congregation who really DO want to bring something... in which case PIE is always an option ... No need to make a reservation, just plan to attend!



A HUGE THANK YOU TO JENNY LEFEVRE, who took the photographs for our new church directory.  Jenny worked SO hard, & the pictures are lovely!  Applause, applause for Jenny!

And many thanks, also, to SANDY REICHERT, who made numerous phone calls, scheduling folks for photo times.  It’s going to be an awesome directory! 



RALLY DAY kicks off our Sunday School year on Sun., Sept. 12.  We’ll have a POT LUCK LUNCH for EVERYONE in the congregation, to celebrate!  Kids (& parents, if they wish to come) will meet briefly with their teachers, & then we’ll enjoy the FOOD for which Presbyterians are famous!  A class for adults of ALL ages is an addition this year, shepherded by Jenny Lefevre & Alan & Terry Arenz, (with occasional “guest leaders” Sue Smith, Pastor Kevin, & some “Special Guests” during the course of the year.   



Prayers for:

 Dan Lefevre, who was hospitalized with a blood clot in his lung.  We’re thrilled to report that he’s “on the mend”.

 Lin Bradley, undergoing medical tests which we pray will start her on the road to a kidney transplant.

 Elsie Mae Arenz, improving, but still recovering from what appears to be a lung infection.

 Linda May, whose first round of chemo treatments yielded great success; she begins a second round on August 5.

 Marv Saugstad, who underwent hip replacement on July 9, & suffered some medical complications.  It’s hoped he’ll be home from rehab by the time you receive this.

 Sylvia Koroghlanian was hospitalized for several days in much pain from a compression fracture in her spine.  She’s back home, though still in some pain.

 Donna Saugstad, who has a tendon problem with a toe on her right foot.   May the boot her doctor prescribed correct it!

 Our church organist Loretta Nalencz, whose physical condition is improving, though not as rapidly as she’d like.  She’ll be back with us just as soon as she’s able.  

 Dick Kloes, still smiling, but  continuing to deal with often- painful sciatica.

 Jarrod & Emily (Gall) Drury, on the death of Jarrod’s father.

 Mary Powers, a former member who moved to Appleton some time ago, suffered a massive heart attack.  At this writing, she has finished rehab, & has moved permanently to a group home in Appleton.  Her oldest daughter will travel to Appleton in August in hopes of readying her home so it can be sold.

 Continued prayers for:

all of our shut-ins



 That Scott Johnson is feeling better.  It’s been a long recovery!  Prayer is still in order;  he & Lori send thanks to the congregation for the many expressions of caring.

 For Jeri & John Gamache, whose new home is complete; they’ve moved in!  Hurrah! (See address on next page ...)

 That Libbie Jansen has a job in Oconomowoc, where she’ll   work at a group home for developmentally disabled young people.  She’s presently enrolled in a 3-week training program.  Best wishes for great success, Libbie! 

 That Peter Jansen arrived safely in San Diego, after his month-long leave at home.

 For Ruth Lefevre, Eric Arenz, & Rachel Schmeling, all of whom have completed moves to “new” apartments. (addresses next page ...)

 For Mildred Nelson, who celebrated her 98th birthday on July 24.

 That the youth popcorn sale netted a bit more than $200 to support our VBS (now VSS) program.  (See article on front page.)  Thanks to all who bought!



From Elsie Mae Arenz: “Thank you, thank you, to all in the church family for the prayers, cards, phone calls, loving thoughts & concern expressed as I recover from the lung problem.  It means so much to have so many friends express caring!”



 Aug 1 - Sally Stock & Tom Liempeck            

2 - Friend of the church Cindy Nelson

3 - Kay Barber

4 - Bud Brunett

7 - John Reichert

9 - Angela Burke

13 - Alexzandrea Pope

15 - Bill Toepfer

18 - Ben Cetnarowski

23 - Maurice Pendergast, Jr.

24 - Patrice Schwabe

27 - Annie (Dettman) Kaczmarski

28 - Steve Brick

30 - Kathy Dettman

31 - Erin Reichert



Aug 10 - Bobbie & Ed Griffith  (53 years!) 

18 - Sally & Kevin Tarvid  (37 years!)

28 - Pam & Ed Leintz

29 - Sylvia & Harry Koroghlanian  (57 years!)






Aug 8 - Megan & Steve Ewert

 Aug 15- Peg & Lee Larson

 Aug 22 - Kathy & John Doty

 Aug 29 - Sue Pope 

 Sept 5 - Elsie Mae & Ken Arenz

 Our “Greeting Card Lady”, Ruth Lefevre, who has sent out all the lovely birthday &/or anniversary cards you’ve received for the past 18 months or so, has “retired” from that responsibility.  Thank you, Ruth, for doing such a fine job!

Marie Hagen is our new “greeting card lady”; welcome, Marie, & thanks for volunteering to send good wishes to our members on their special days!



Donna & Marv Saugstad, who proofread the new church directory before Marv went in for surgery.

                 and ...

The Chancel Choir, the Handbells, God’s Guild, &  Peter Jansen, who provided such moving music for our July 4 worship celebration.  You were all WONDERFUL!  Eric Arenz was especially active, playing a total of 11 bells during the anthem!  Amazing!

                 and ...

Sandy Reichert,  who made MANY, MANY phone calls to sign up our folks for Photo Directory Pictures.

                 and ...

All who baked cookies for Habitat for Humanity for the “Blitz Week” which began July 12.  SOOO many cookies!  What a caring congregation!

                 and ...

To the walkers & sponsors of Relay for Life July 16-17.  Our “team” raised $1,200 (& there’s still money coming in to the team) ... Overall, the event raised $30,000, (at this writing.)   Thanks, also, to Eric & Matt Arenz, who provided music for the event.

                  and ...

JR Saugstad, who made a special trip up to church to help assemble the tent used for Strawberry Fest.

                 and ...

Lee Larson, who found the missing parts for our chicken roasting spits.  Hurrah!

                  and ...

Sally & Kristina Tarvid, for their lovely duet during worship July 18..

                  and ...

Larry & Sue Smith, whose July 18 pool party was a huge success!  That water felt great in the 90+ degree temps, & the pot luck was delicious!

                  and ...

Ellen Crisci, for her violin solo of “Humoresque”, (plus an impromptu performance of “Happy Birthday”) on July 25 during worship.   More, please!

                  and ...

Leah Karrels & Janice Borkenhagen, who performed a piano duet for our introit on August 1.

                  and ...

God’s Guild, who provided “Special Music” on Aug. 1.

                  and ...

Dick & Gail Kloes, both of whom have resumed their duties as office volunteers now that Gail is so much improved after knee replacement. 


The 4th of July Chick-Nik was a great success!   There were about 25 people who enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship & eat together.  Thanks to all who brought a dish to share!  As always, there was PLENTY of great food!  Special thanks to Lee Larson, for providing grilled hot dogs ... they were a real hit!


“PROJECT H.O.P.E.” - Let us introduce you to a program soon to be offered at GAPC.  Some years back, Jill Lukas started “Project H.O.P.E.” (Helping Other People Everywhere), & she plans to get it underway again right here, in September.  Project H.O.P.E. is a charity sewing project.  It was started because of a great need  throughout the area for such basic necessities as a warm quilt, or a hat & set of mittens for a child.  From there it grew into many other projects.  Everything those who participate make is donated to various hospitals, nursing homes, & other programs right here in the Milwaukee area.

There will be more information in the next issue of the Messenger, so please watch for it!  Meantime, if you’d like to learn more about it, or have any questions, see Jill.

There’ll be something for EVERYONE to do, whether you’re ages 5 or 95, or anywhere in between, so please plan to come.  We can promise it will be a highly rewarding experience!


Music Workshops at Green Lake July 19 - 23 were a real treat for Choirs Director Jill Lukas, whose attendance was made possible by a scholarship from  the Presbytery of Milwaukee.

Jill was honored to meet Lloyd Larsen & Stan Pethel, composers of many of the pieces performed by our GAPC musicians.  The 8-hour-a-day workshops covered handbells, choirs for various age groups, worship planning, chimes, & conducting.  Jill reports that she found many, many exciting new musical arrangements, some of which will be purchased for use in our 2010-2011 musical year.  There’s a heightened spiritual awareness in the serenity & beauty of the American Baptist Camp where the conference was held, & Jill feels energized & renewed by the experience.

She sends sincere thanks to the Presbytery of Milwaukee, for enabling her to attend.  GAPC thanks Presbytery, also. 


Ghana Partnership Delegation Visit - On Thurs., Aug. 19, GAPC hopes to have a visit from a representative of Dangame Tongu Presbytery, in the African nation of Ghana.  We’re not sure what time the proposed visit will take place, since details are still being worked out, but we’ll keep you posted through Sunday morning announcements as that date approaches.

Blood Drive Scheduled here for Sat. Nov. 6,  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  We really need to have 35 donors signed up for it to be a “go”, so DO consider it!  We’ll let you know when you can sign up, soon.  Just think:  the single pint of blood you donate can save 3 lives!  Can there BE a better way to make a difference in the world?  Just ask 3 people who’ve received blood donations!  (We wanted you to have LOTS of notice, so you can save the date!)

THINK COOLING THOUGHTS!  -  The summer heat may be at its height, but you can cool off just by imagining being present at a Milwaukee Admirals game!  October 9 is the season opener, & Mark Brodaczynski is signing up people to attend!  We’re not sure, yet, who “our” Admirals will be playing, but it’s sure to be great fun!  Tell Mark you’ll be coming!

We Love Our Custodial Volunteers !  For June, those dusting, vacuuming, mopping & cleaning were:  Ed & Bobbie Griffith, Karin Schmeling & Larry A. Smith.   Thank YOU,  THANK YOU!  These volunteers continue to be our “Custodial Angels”, for it’s a vitally important means of keeping our expenses here at the church down!  DO, PLEASE, consider helping the church in this way!


TRAINED VOLUNTEERS - DON’T FORGET:  WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED HELPERS TO SIGN UP TO STAFF  MILLER PARK SPORTSEVRVICE BOOTHS during MILWAUKEE BREWER GAMES!  Many, many folks are needed for this project!  We’re scheduled to work  Fri. Aug. 6; Wed. Aug. 11; Fri. Aug. 20; Wed. Aug. 25; Fri. Aug. 27; & Sat. Aug. 28.  Game times are published on the sign-up sheets, & volunteers are required to report to Miller Park two & ½ hours prior to game time.   Yes, it’s work, but it’s also a LOT of fun, as we greet the public & help make their experience at the ball games enjoyable!  It’s a MAJOR FUNDRAISER!


FUNDRAISING NIGHT FOR RELAY FOR LIFE! You can continue to help benefit the American Cancer Society by taking part in the Texas Roadhouse fundraising night, on Tuesday, August 24, from 4:00 - 4:00 PM.  During those hours, 10% of your total food purchase will be donated to the ACS.  All you need to do is arrive during those hours, present your “invitation” (see Laurie Kadunc to pick one up) & the Roadhouse will do the rest!  Hey, you’ll have to eat dinner, anyway, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?


INTERFAITH WEST CENTRAL VOLUNTEER DRIVERS are needed to assist older adult clients of West Central Interfaith Neighbor-hood Outreach Program with their transportation needs.  Do you have 1-2 hours of time you can donate to drive on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed

basis?  Most ride requests are for medical appointments, grocery shopping or banking.  If you have

the time, we’d like to sign you up to volunteer.  Please call the Interfaith office at 414-774-1747 to

request an application.  You WILL make a difference in someone’s life when you volunteer!


Sun., Oct. 3 is World Communion Sunday, & yes, we know it’s still 2 months away.  But it’s also the day when we accept the Peacemaking Offering, which we want everyone to know about.  Thirty years ago the General Assembly of the church adopted Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling, recognizing that the church is faithful to Christ when it engages in peacemaking.  The Peacemaking Offering was created to support the work of peace at all levels of the church; and congregations, presbyteries & synods use half of the Offering receipts for peacemaking work locally & regionally.

The Peacemaking Offering helps the General Assembly’s Peacemaking Program develop resources, events, & programs that assist the church as it responds to Christ’s call to be peacemakers.  A recent resource helps children learn about peacemaking in Sudan.  Each year International Peacemakers from several countries visit presbyteries & synods to share about ministries of peace & justice in their home countries & invite Presbyterians to widen their understanding of the world.  An annual seminar or conference helps people develop as disciples of the Prince of Peace.  The Presbyterian Program helped coordinate Presbyterian participation in the Red Hand Campaign, an international effort to put pressure on countries to say “NO!” to children being used as soldiers.  We hope our generous congregation will participate enthusiastically!

AUGUST, 2010  




SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

Communion 1st  Sunday  of each month

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”


MOST MONDAYS - 6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful

Exercise Class” (for all ages)


EVERY TUESDAY -  5:00 - 6:00 PM - TOPS  in

church library - new members welcomed




(People with Arthritis Can Exercise)

This class is suitable for people of all ages.


THURSDAYS at 7:00 PM - Midweek Worship


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “day off”  is Friday


NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included in

the information below -- unless an event is CANCELLED on a particular date.


Sun Aug 1-10:45 AM - Vacation Sunday School  (hereafter known as “V S S”) *

Thurs Aug 5     7:00 PM - Mid-week worship led by Terry Arenz

Sun Aug 8     10:45 AM - V S S

Mon Aug 9      6:00 PM - Fit & Faithful exercise

                        7:15 PM - Resources Committee 

Sat Aug 14      Noon - wedding

Sun Aug 15     10:45 AM - V S S

Thurs Aug 19  Possible Ghana Partnerships visit

Sat Aug 21        9:30 AM - Presbytery’s Session  Partnerships meets in our library

Sun Aug 22   10:45 AM -V S S

Sun Aug 29   10:45 AM - VSS

                        1:30 PM - Ice cream Social at Tarvid’s home *

Mon Aug 30    7:15 PM - Christian Education Committee meets

*  Indicates detailed article about this event appears in the body of the newsletter.




For the month of June, 2010


Income         $ 10,447.81


Expenses     $ 11,173.33


                                                                                                                    As of June 30, 2010   

                                                                                                                                       a LOSS of  ($      725.52)


Note: Our next issue of the Messenger will cover the two months of September & October.  We’ll do a “MINI” newsletter for October, but most of the information you’ll need for October will appear in the dual issue, available Aug 29 in the narthex, Aug. 30 via email.   Please DO remember to print that issue out, & keep it to check for important dates.                 



         **   Deadline for the September/October newsletter is Wed. Aug 18, at 9:00 AM !!  **