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Church Office 453-3710     Pastor Kevin G. Tarvid    

Pastor’s Cell Phone for Emergencies   (414) 588-0159

Sunday Morning Worship  9:30 AM              Sunday Church School   10:45 AM

           “Friends Moving Forward, Focused on Faith”      


Sunday Worship Schedule

 September 5 - October 31, 2010


Sun Sept 5 - 9:30 AM    Communion Worship

First Reading: Philemon 1:1-21

Second Reading: Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

Sermon: “With All My Ways”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Judy Olson

Ushers: Dick & Gail Kloes, Jenny Lefevre

Servers: Mark Brodaczynski, Diane Edward, Judy Olson & Sally Tarvid


Sun  Sept 12-9:30 AM Rally Day & Penny Sunday

First Reading:  1 Timothy 1:12-17   

Second Reading: Luke 15:1-10

Sermon: “The One!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Mark Brodaczynski

Ushers:  Larry & Greg Smith; Eric & Matt Arenz


Sun Sept 19 -9:30 AM  Theological Education Day 

The Rev. Roger Hawthorne is Guest Preacher

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Terry Arenz

Ushers: TBA


Sun Sept 26 - 9:30 AM        Penny Sunday

The Rev. Mr. Bill Humphreys, Guest Preacher

First Reading: Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15

Second Reading: Luke 16:19-31

Sermon: “Whom, Then, Will You Follow?”

Liturgist: Barb Brunett

Children’s Message: Bill Humphreys

Ushers: Jeff Dickson & Tom Liempeck


Sun Oct 3 - 9:30 AM   World Communion Day

First Reading: Lamentations 1:1-6

Second Reading:  Lamentations 3:19-26+++

Sermon: “God Is a Bear?”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Sally Tarvid      

Ushers: Dick & Gail Kloes & Jenny Lefevre

Servers:  Sally Tarvid, Lori Johnson



Sun Oct 10 - 9:30 AM      Penny Sunday

First Reading: Psalm 66:1-12

Second Reading:  Luke 17:11-19

Sermon:  “As They Went...”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Sue Smith

Ushers: Larry & Greg Smith; Eric & Matt Arenz


Sun Oct. 17 - 9:30 AM

First Reading:  Psalm 119:97-104

Second Reading: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Sermon: “God Says: ‘I Forgot’”

Liturgist/Children’s Message:  Judy Olson

Ushers:  TBA


Sun Oct 24 - 9:30 AM     Penny Sunday

First Reading:  Joel 2:23-27

Second Reading:  Luke 18:9-14

Sermon: “Justified!”

Liturgist: Lori Johnson

Children’s Message: Pastor Kevin

Ushers: Jeff Dickson & Tom Liempeck


Sun Oct 31 - 9:30 AM       Reformation Sunday

First Reading: Luke 19:1-10

Second Reading: 2nd Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12

Sermon:  “Persecutions &  Afflictions”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Sandy Reichert

Ushers: Sally & Sherman Stock, Tom Liempeck


FROM PASTOR KEVIN - Hello, Beloved!

            Last month, you might recall, I wrote about the issue of change, and how we all can struggle with it at times.  Then I went on to talk about the changes we need to engage in if we want to continue to be strong, and healthy and vibrant.

            You might have sensed that I was dealing with a little bit of anxiety about our future.  Every once in a while, we all worry about what might lie ahead.  You know that being the Church is very challenging these days. We see churches around us fall all too often.

            Here’s some good news, and I think this is a wonderful time to tell this story…

            There is something that I’ve learned since last month, that has me very thankful, and very, very hopeful.  I compared the end of the month financial reports from July, 2009, and July 2010.  If I’m reading it right, and there aren’t any variables I’m ignorant about…

            Our member giving is up almost $12,000, or almost 24%!!!  I know that many of us have been increasing our giving as we can, and it is really making a difference. 

            So: Way to go!  And let us hope and pray that this is a trend that will continue!  I’m still very hopeful that we can bring in a significant number of new members, and perhaps find another successful fund-raiser or two, but:

            This is nearly miraculous.  This is wonderful, and clearly a testament to your faithfulness and dedication!!!!

            God loves you!  Me Too!     Pastor Kevin   (PS… Please see my note, following, also)


Greetings Again, Beloved!

          Here’s some news I want, and need, to share with you.  Many of you have been concerned about me lately, and for that I am very grateful.  Your love and prayers are most appreciated!

          I have been dealing with some osteoarthritis since my 30’s.  For some reason I don’t understand, aging seems to make it worse instead of better!  I have been very stiff and sore lately: hands, wrists, elbow, shoulder, neck, back.  I can’t be surprised as this is very common in my family history.  I am grateful that, for the most part, it is merely inconvenient…  a “thorn in the side” as the Apostle Paul calls it. 

          Lately though, the pain has been interfering more with life and work.  I am not able to do all the things I want to do, at the pace I want to do them… 

          Add to this the natural energy ebb and flow that pastors go through, and I have been finding myself quite weary.  This is also very natural - partially the result of being “on call” continuously for the past eighteen years. 

          So, here’s the news:  Our Session, with consultation from the Presbytery, and I have agreed that a “mini-sabbatical” is called for.  So: from after church on September 12th, until I return on World Communion Sunday October 3rd , I will be “off”. 

          Here’s the kicker…  Unlike all the vacations before, I am not allowed to “do ministry.”  My duty is to relax and re-create.  We can be in touch, but I am not to provide pastoral care during that time.  This will prove to be very challenging for me, since being your pastor is a big part, not just of “who” I am, but “what” I am.

I will count on your partnership, and your staying well!!!

          This is designed to be an insurance policy against burn-out and meltdown.  It is also designed to help me gather the skills to be a great pastor for you for the next decade or so. 

          Let me tell you what this isn’t:  It isn’t a sign of some greater illness, nor is it a sign of spiritual crisis.  While some sadness goes with the territory, I am not depressed.  Our family is fine.  We love it here.  We love you.  This is a gift of grace and caring from our church, and I appreciate it very much.

          While I’m “off”, the deacons will be very able to provide most pastoral care, and Sandy will be able to get in touch with one of the many “pastors on call.”

          Since, over the past eleven years, I have rarely used all the allotted vacation, this is “vacation accrued but never used.”  We do hope to finally put the new roof on our house that first week in October, and would love any help folks might be able to give. 

          That’s the news.  Feel free to talk it over with me.  And thank you!!!


                             Love,    Pastor Kev


SUNDAY SCHOOL begins for the Fall Semester with RALLY Day, on Sun., Sept. 12.  Children will meet with their teachers immediately following worship, & their parents are encouraged to go to class with them on this morning.  After class time, we’ll have a FANTASTIC POT LUCK luncheon (there will most likely be barbequed hot dogs, as well, to which you’re asked to bring an entrée, salad, or dessert to share, plus your own tableware, (for it saves LOTS of time & effort after the meal!)  It’s a day filled with excitement & fun (not to mention the FOOD for which Presbyterians are famous)!  Let’s have EVERYONE in the church family present!


ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL begins  on Sept. 12, when Pastor Kevin talks with us about “What it means to be Presbyterian”.   Sept. 19, Terry Arenz discusses “Generation Gap?  Who, What, When, Where, & Why?”  Jenny Lefevre leads a discussion on “Forms on Healing” Sept. 26.  On Oct. 3, Sue Smith & Hilda Czaplewski will present a Q. & A. on Hilda’s real-life experiences as a WREN (Women’s Royal Naval Service) in England from 1942-1944.  Going back in time with Hilda will be a living history lesson!  DO plan to take advantage of these wonderful learning opportunities!   

CONFIRMATION CLASS We have a number of fine young people ready to be confirmed ... but they’ll need to take a class, in order to do so!   Beginning with Rally Sunday, our “Youth Class” will also be “Confirmation Class”.  We’re HOPING to use “The Presbyterian Handbook” as our curriculum, & we’re planning a number of field trips that will be open to everyone in the congregation!  We’ll provide additional information during morning worships, & in our October “mini-Messenger”.  If you know of anyone who might like to be a part of this class, please tell Diane Edward  414-425-8635, or Laurie Kadunc 414-257-0196.   



Prayers for: 



Toni Jansen,  recently hospitalized with an infection.  She’s much better, back at home, & in worship with us.

 Beth Beck, who was hospitalized with an adverse reaction to medication.  She’s now back at Golden Living Center - Bradley. 

 Lin Bradley, undergoing additional medical tests.

 Linda May, whose chemo treatments are nearly finished.

 Dan Lefevre, who will have outpatient surgery to remove the filter implanted in his leg due to a blood clot (now dissolved).

 Marv Saugstad, at home & back in worship with us.  He’s still feeling very weary.  

 Phyllis Shudy, recovering from pneumonia.

 Jan Wilke, with severe knee pain; she’ll be seeing an orthopedist, soon.

 Loretta Nalencz, still sidelined with hands that won’t do what she tells them.  We’re hoping she’ll be back playing the organ before too much longer.  

 All our students who are returning to school.


Continued prayers for:

all of our shut-ins



 Libbie Jansen, whose job in Oconomowoc became full time the week of Aug. 23.

 Marie Hagen, who welcomed a new great-grandson, Alex, into the family in late July.



Sept 1 - Katie Crisci & Dani Bradley

5 - Jeri Gamache

6 - Fran Burke

7 - Jim Dickson

11- Sue Smith & Greg Smith

13 - Derek Saugstad & John Wilke

14 - Jenny Lefevre, Spencer Myers & Julie Williams

16 - Alan Arenz & Gus Hendry

24 - Allan Luttrell

25 - Heather Saugstad, Sylvia Koroghlanian, & Glenn Thomson

27 - Pam Leintz, Debbie Thomson & Vicky Kuglitsch

30 - Laurie Elliott

Oct 3 - Cian Pendergast

5 - Jan Wilke & Jacob Brick

6 - JR Saugstad

15 - Melissa Gall

17 - Ken Arenz

18 - Gail Kloes

19 - Judy Olson

24 - Peter Jansen

27 “Friend of the Church” Corrine Reichert

28 - L.B. Smith




OOOOPS -  Somehow we missed Jan & John Wilke’s 51st wedding anniversary, which WAS Aug. 8, 2010.   Hope it was happy ...


Sept 1 - Lori & Scott Johnson

12 - Judy & Jim Dickson (40 years!) 

14 - Terry & Alan Arenz (25 years!)

21 - Julie & Bob Williams


Oct 1 - Sue Smith’s 28th anniversary as church secretary/administrative assistant 

4 - Pastor Kevin was ordained as a minister of the PC(USA) this date in 1992 

13 - Rachel & Mark Hendry

14 - Kay & Chuck Barber

20 - Megan & Steve Ewert

24 - Laurie & Dave Karrels

26 - John & Jeri Gamache 



 Note of Thanks: 

“We are so grateful to our church family for the many prayers, cards, and calls as Marv recuperates from his hip replacement surgery.  We are very thankful that he’s making good progress (though it’s not quite as rapid as he might like ...)  & is able to be back to worship, & visit with everyone, Your expressions of caring mean more than we can say.  Thank you!”

      - Marv & Donna Saugstad




Note of Thanks: 

From Linda May: “As my treatment continues I am so thankful for the loving support of my church family for their prayers, calls, and other expressions of concern.  Results so far are very encouraging, and remission is a real possibility.  I meet with my doctor on Sept. 2, to discuss what the next step will be.  Thank you, thank you, for your support.”






Sept 5 - Elsie Mae & Ken Arenz                   Oct 10- Joanne & Bill Haschker


Sept 12- Kerstin & Dan Lefevre                   Oct 17 - Anne Sheridan


Sept 19- Sally & Sherman Stock                   Oct 24 - Julie Williams


Sept 26 - Sandy Reichert                                Oct  31 - RuthMary Gamache


Oct 3 - Hilda Czaplewski                                Nov 7 - Laurie Karrels 




Leah Karrels & Jan Borkenhagen, who treated us to a piano duet at “Introit” time in the Aug. 8 worship.

                 and ...

Jill Lukas, whose rendition of “When I Hear Music” for our morning worship on Aug 8 was so beautiful.

                 and ...

Terry Arenz, who led mid-week worship on Aug. 5.

                 and ...

The Tarvids, for hosting the delightful & delicious ice cream social at their home on Aug. 29!               

                 and ...

Alan, Eric & Matt Arenz, a wonderful family trio whose special music Aug. 22 was so moving.

                  and ...

The Tarvids, who sang for us on Aug. 15, as part of the Children’s Message.

                 and ...

Kayla & Stephanie Jervis Libbie Jansen, Diane Edward, Jan Wilke, Jenny Lefevre, & Alan, Eric, Matt & Terry Arenz, who were shepherds of our “Vacation Sunday School” effort.

                  and ...

Our generous congregation, which on Aug. 22 contributed $422.00 to our sister presbytery in Ghana, which has many needs.

                  and ...

Dick & Gail Kloes, our fantastically cooperative & helpful office volunteers.   


MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!!  Where did the summer go????  Chancel Choir and Handbell choir will resume practice on Wed., Sept. 8, & we’re looking for new members for both choirs! This year promises to be bigger, better and more fun than ever for both choirs. Lots of new and exciting music has been purchased and a CANTATA is in the works for the Christmas season!  We would love to have you come join us! There are no tryouts and you need not be a professional.  All that is required is a love for music and singing and/or ringing! Practice is Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for Handbells, & 7:30 for Choir practice. .Questions? Speak with Jill Lukas.

P.A.C.E. REUNION Thurs. Sept. 16, 12:30 PM lunch in the church library.

If you’ve ever been involved with PACE, please come!  If you’ve THOUGHT about coming to PACE, join us at this event!  Food & beverages will be provided!


The PEACEMAKING LUNCHEON is scheduled for World Communion Sunday, Oct. 3, from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.  It’s one of our beloved “Tater Toppers”, featuring baked potatoes you can “dress up” with butter, cheese, broccoli, sour cream ... YUMMM!  Cost is just $5.50 for adults & $2.50 for kids under age 12.  “Tater Topper” raises funds for the work of our Peace & Justice Committee (they’re a VERY active & involved group.  Attend one of their meetings, to learn all about the things they do!)  Barb Brunett will be selling tickets, SOON!

MIDWEEK WORSHIP will be on hiatus while Pastor Kevin is away.  These popular worships will resume on Thursday, October 14.   

HOCKEY?  ALREADY??? Summer’s nearing it’s end, the football pre-season has begun, & the  Milwaukee Admirals game season opener is   October 9!!  Of course, the Admiral’s #1 fan Mark Brodaczynski  is getting up a group from the church to attend!   Though at this writing, we don’t know just who “our” Admirals will be playing, you KNOW it will be great fun!  Tell Mark you’ll be coming!

TEEN D.I.V.A.S, Unltd. (Girls ages 14-17 who are Determined, Invincible, Vibrant, Aware & Strong) will meet in Jack Reichert Hall each Tuesday from 4:30 - 7:00 PM beginning on Sept. 14 series of 12 week sessions. The group is sponsored by United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Walker’s Point Youth & Family Center, in collaboration with the West Allis Police Department.  Designed for young women who may be “at risk”, their “Paths to the Future Girls Circle Group” aims to help the girls learn how to overcome the roadblocks that get in the way of reaching their hopes & dreams.  What a great way for our church to help “make a difference”!  

Details for beginning “PROJECT H.O.P.E.” (Helping Other People Everywhere) are still in the process of being worked out.  Project coordinator Jill Lukas will provide details during announcement time of Sunday worships with all the information you’ll need, & we’ll provide you with a full report in our October “mini” newsletter.  As you may recall,  Project Hope is a charity sewing project which supplies such basic necessities as a warm quilt for a nursing home patient, or a hat & set of mittens for a child, to be donated various hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, & schools, & other programs right here in the Milwaukee area.  Questions? Jill will be glad to answer them!

A Blood Drive is Scheduled here for Sat. Nov. 6, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  We really need to have 35 donors signed up for it to be a “go”, so DO consider it!  We’ll let you know when you can sign up, soon.  Just think:  the single pint of blood you donate can save 3 lives!  That’s AWESOME!  

We Love Our Custodial Volunteers !  For August, those dusting, vacuuming, mopping & cleaning were:  Judy & Jim Dickson, Bill & Joanne Burke, Ed & Bobbie Griffith, & Alan, Terry & Matt Arenz.   Thank YOU,  THANK YOU!  These volunteers continue to be our “Custodial Angels”, for it’s a vitally important means of keeping our expenses here at the church down!  DO, PLEASE, consider helping the church in this way!

Sun., Oct. 3 is World Communion Sunday, a joyful feast of unity when Christians around the world gather at the table to celebrate our oneness in Christ.  It’s also the day when we “officially” accept the Peacemaking Offering, one of four “Special Offerings” of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in which GAPC participates. 

The Bible witnesses to the centrality of peacemaking in three ways.  First the word “Peace” (“shalom” in Hebrew, & “eirene” in Greek) is widely used in the Bible.  It is through exploring the uses of the word “peace” in the Bible that we come to an understanding of the meaning of peace & peacemaking.  Second, the visions & stories of the Bible offer models for the transformation of individuals & communities into peace-makers.  It is through wrestling with these stories & making them our own that we grow as disciples of the Prince of Peace.  Third, the entire biblical story shapes our calling to be peacemakers.  It is through reflecting on the themes of the biblical witness as a whole that one is confronted by the significance of peace & peacemaking for thinking about God, God’s work in the world, & God’s intention for human persons, communities, & creation.

Biblical visions & stories offer models for transforming areas of life that need conversion & renewal.  The Rich Young Man (Mark 10:17-22), the Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:5-42) & the Laborers in the Vineyard (Matt. 20:1-16) offer models of transformation by callings us to confront & deny cultural definitions that separate us from our true identity as God’s creatures; that reinforce divisions within humankind along racial, ethnic, national, & economic lines: & that justify exploitation of natural & human resources for unjust ends.  The Cain & Abel. story (Gen.4:1-16) challenges us to recognize the connection between our relationship to God & those close to us.  The Mary & Martha story (Luke 10:38-42 calls us to question traditional role expectations.

Believers are called to participate in God’s work of peacemaking. *

Special pew envelopes are available for use with the Peacemaking Offering.  You may contribute at any time beginning in September, & concluding with the Oct. 3 worship.  Please be generous.

[* Sections of this article have been excerpted from “Biblical Basis for Peacemaking”, a publication of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program General Assembly Mission Council Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)]

FAITH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 3800 W. Rawson, in Franklin, invites us to attend their Health Fair on Sat., Sept. 18, from 8:00 AM until noon.  There will be blood tests available for a small fee (nothing to eat or drink after midnight), & information from the American Cancer Society, St. Luke’s Karen Yount Women’s Cardiac Awareness Center, the American Diabetes Association, the Franklin Health Department, the Franklin Police & Fire Departments, the Lupus Foundation, the Wisconsin Donor Network, & many others.  Additionally, blood pressure screening will be available.  There’s a flyer publicizing the event on our Health & Wellness committee’s narthex bulletin board.  We’re pleased to be able to support one of the other “FAB 4” churches in their special programs. 

TIME ON YOUR HANDS? Consider volunteering to DRIVE for Interfaith West Central, as the organization works to assist older adult clients in their Neighborhood Outreach Program with their transportation needs.

If you have one or two hours you could donate to drive on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis,  it would be SO important to those seniors who have no means of getting to medical  appointments, to the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, the bank, or the grocery store!  There’s an application process; please call the Interfaith office at 414-774-1747 for additional information, or to request an application.  It’s a very important means of sharing Christ’s love!







                  SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP                             THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

                10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages                             2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

               Communion 1st  Sunday  of each month                                             “Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet

               2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday”                                      

          MONDAYS - 6:00 PM - “Fit & Faithful Exercise”                               Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday

         TUESDAYS -  5:00 - 6:00 PM - TOPS  in  library 

             WEDNESDAYS   6:30  PM- Handbells

                             7:30 PM - Chancel Choir                                


 NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included in the information below -- unless an event is CANCELLED on a particular date. 

Mon Sept 6   LABOR DAY - Church offices closed

Tues Sept 7     6:30 PM - P & J meets

Wed Sept 8     6:30 PM - Handbell practice begins *

                       7:30 PM Chancel Choir begins *

Sun Sept 12     9:30 AM - RALLY DAY &  POT LUCK LUNCHEON *

Mon Sept 13   Pastor Kev away till Oct 3 *

                       7:15 PM - Resources meets

Thurs Sept 16   12:30 - PACE reunion w/lunch *

Midweek on hiatus until Oct. 14 *

Sun Sept 19  Rev. Roger Hawthorne, guest preacher

Tues Sept 21    6:30 PM - Resources meets

Sun Sept 26  Rev Bill Humphreys, guest preacher

Tues Sept 28    4:00 PM - Presbytery at Heritage PC

Sun Oct 3      11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Peacemaking Luncheon *

...........Pastor Kevin & “crew” put new roof on his house this week ...Call Sandy in an emergency.........

Sun Oct 10    Pastor Kevin “back on the job”

Thurs Oct 14  7:00 PM-Mid-Week worship resumes

Mon Oct 18  9:00 AM-Deadline for Nov. newsletter

Tues Oct 19   6:30 PM - Session meets


Fri Oct 22      6:00 PM - Set up for Fall Fest

Sat Oct 23   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM - FALL FEST *



           For the month of July,  2010

                 INCOME         $   7,341.82   

              EXPENSES       $  10,618.82

As of July 31,  2010  

                  a loss of        $   (3,277.00) 



 ** NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER DEADLINE  is MON., OCT 18, at 9:00 AM !!  ** 



   *   Article about event appears in newsletter