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                     JANUARY,  2018 -  MESSENGER   


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             Worship Schedule

      January 1 -  January 31, 2018


Sun.  Jan. 7 - 9:30 AM      Communion

First Reading:  Mark 1:4-11

Second Reading:  Acts 19:1-7

Sermon: “Let’s Be Re-Introduced!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Lori Johnson

Servers: JT Gall, Lori Johnson, Kerstin Lefevre & LB Smith


Sun. Jan 14 - 9:30 AM         Penny Sunday

First Reading:  1st Samuel 3:1-10        

Second Reading:  Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

Sermon:  “A Good Hemming!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Laurie Elliott


Sun. Jan 21 – 9:30 AM  

First Reading:  Jonah 2:1-6

Second Reading:  Jonah3:1-5, 10

Sermon:  “Sometimes I’d Like to Be Like Jonah”

Liturgist:  Barb Brunett

Children’s Message: Pastor Kevin


Sun Jan 28 - 9:30 AM       Penny Sunday

First Reading: Mark 1:21-28

Second Reading: Psalm 111

Sermon: “Welcome to the Congregation of the Upright!”

Liturgist/Children’s Message: Jay Saugstad





WE’LL  UN-HANG the GREENS on Sun., Jan. 7,  following morning worship. 

It can be accomplished quickly, if lots of folks stay to help!  Thanks in advance!



Happy 2018, Beloved!

          You know that I love this time of year.  The New Year represents a time of new beginnings, of starting overs and embracing futures.

          These days, I’m thinking about one of my heroes in the faith, the Rev. Jim Wilch.  Jim was Pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Waukesha.  Remarkably, it was his only church, and he faithfully served the wonderful people of that congregation for over 50 years!  Can you imagine?

          I remember talking with him about the life of a congregation, and pressed him a little for the secret of his success.  He was convinced that, for long term vitality, a pastor and his/her congregation needs to reinvent themselves every 10 years or so!

          I can imagine, with the state of the church around the world, and the way things are changing so fast, that reinvention needs to happen even more often…   (Eeeeeek!)

          Now, there was a time when, (at least I thought), I was a big fan of change.  As I mature, I find that I am less and less comfortable with the concept!!!

          Yet, changing for the better is exactly what I believe God is calling us to do!  God is hoping that you and I will shake off some of the comfort of the past, and dive into the excitement of a future full of possibilities.  To coin a phrase, it’s time for us “to boldly go where no one has gone before!”

          Now, I’m very proud of the way we’ve been able to blend tradition and innovation.  We are unique, and I am convinced in a good way.  Now is the time for us to become even more courageous, even more adventurous, even more willing to experiment faithfully.

          I need your help.  Will you dive in with me?  Will you roll up your sleeves and go on this quest with me?  Will you help me stand when I’m tempted to give up?  I hope so.  I know you will!

          Let’s design this beautiful new 2018 together, and let’s make our angels smile.  God loves you.  Me too.

                                                                                ~    Pastor  Kevin




THE ANNUAL MEETING is set for Sunday, Jan. 28!  We’ll have the actual meeting IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING WORSHIP, with a POT LUCK LU NCHEON after that.  We think it’s good to get the meeting taken care of ASAP; that way, we can enjoy lunch & lots of visiting without having to “hurry up & eat” in order to get to the meeting.  Great idea, yes??  You’re asked to bring a dish to share (salad, entrée, dessert) plus your own tableware (which saves the bother of doing dishes here).  The meeting is important, for there are several details to take care of: a couple of elections (Nominating Committee members, & Audit Committee); voting on Pastor’s terms of call; & a little more. 

                                                                 and …

ATTENTION   COMMITTEE  CHAIRPERSONS &  others who need to do reports for the Annual Meeting … you know who you are …)  Earn HUGS & hearty handclasps from the church Administrative Assistant by turning in your report to the church office NO LATER THAN 9:00 AM on MONDAY, January 15!   We hear that there’s a SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN (when the time comes, that is …) reserved for those who turn in their reports BEFORE the deadline.


PER  CAPITA  assessment for 2018 is $34.00 per confirmed member of the church.   We MUST pay this amount to our denomination every year, for Per Capita funding is the way Presbyterians mutually share the costs of coming together to discern the Spirit’s leading for the future. 

v  It is how Presbyterians are trained to become better elders and ministers.


v  It is how Presbyterians discern God’s call in their lives.


v  It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the wider church by serving on GA committees and commissions.

It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the Church universal as we commit ourselves to work and live in fellowship with “all persons in every nation” (Book of Order, G-4.0101) 



SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  harpist MARY RADSPINNER, who played for us on Christmas Eve.  Fantastic additions to our worship service!



ALL who helped to “Hang the Greens” following worship on Dec. 3.  The final touches were put on in the morning of Dec. 4 (by Ed  & Jim & Jeff).  The sanctuary looked SO lovely!

                and …

Donna  & family, who so graciously hosted their annual “Christmas Eve Open House”’ following worship on Dec. 24.  As always, it was an evening filled with warmth & joy.  (As well as excellent appetizers …)

                and …

Harry  who spoke with the Sunday School class on December 10, so near to the 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7).   This “Day of Infamy” marked our entry into WWII.

                and …

Music Minister Sheri  & the choirs (Chancel & Bell) who worked so hard to “make beautiful music” for us during the Advent & Christmas season.

                and …

Sally & Pastor Kevin,  who held the annual Choir Party at their home on Dec. 28.   Such gracious hosts, & such a joyous evening!  (Outstanding snack items, as well.)

                and …

Bobbie & Ed , who continued to “clean up” outside the church until the snow fell.

                and …

The volunteer readers for the evening Christmas Eve service.

                and …

JT  & Ed , who cleained out the rain gutters on Dec. 1.

                and …

The many, many folks who ordered the POINSETTIA plants which adorned our chancel for Christmas & the weeks following.  Just BEAUTIFUL!

                and …

Gail & Dick, whose help in both preparing the postal Messenger, & helping with inserts & stapling Sunday bulletins, is so greatly appreciated.


       See the source image


On Sunday, February 4, our congregation will take part in the “Souper Bowl of Caring”, an effort we have supported for many years.  The latest figures available for the 2017 “Souper Bowl” are as follows:

Ø  6,542 participating groups raised

Ø  $10,119,060, of which

Ø  100% was donated to charities in the area of each group.


At the end of the Feb. 4 worship service, we’ll have soup pots at the door of the sanctuary.  Folks are asked to drop $1.00 (or more) in the pots as they leave.  It’s that simple. 


The Souper Bowl of caring began in 1990 with a simple prayer said by the Rev. Brad Smith of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C.  The prayer asked that, as we prepared to enjoy the Super Bowl football game, we be mindful of those individuals who are without so much as a bowl of soup to eat.


That first year, 22 churches participate, & raised $5,700.  As you can see, the number of groups involved has grown every year, & has gained national attention.


A number of partnerships with different NFL teams have been formed, & former presidents George H.W.  Bush & Jimmy Carter have served as National Advocates.

Here’s a reminder:  Mark & friends from his “HOCKEY FAMILY” ask you to pass on this invitation:  The Youth Hockey Helpers Foundation, (a non-profit organization) will host its annual


to raise funds to supply hockey equipment to less fortunate youth hockey players.  It will take place on February 17, 2018, & the group is seeking donations of items to be used for a raffle or silent auction, from interested community members. In the past, the Foundation has provided 3 scholarships in the amount of $2250.00 & hosted 4 free hockey camps at 2 local area ice rinks for kids from southeastern Wisconsin.  Any donations will be appreciated, & can be mailed to:  

                                                                        Youth Hockey

Helpers Foundation

c/o Gary Zanoni

P.O. Box 210062

Milwaukee, WI 53221

email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an arrangement for them to  pick up.  If you’d like additional information about the Casino Night, speak with Mark.  He has information sheets he’ll be glad to give you.



The STAFF at GAPC wishes everyone in the church family the HAPPIEST of NEW YEARS.  May 2018 bring you blessings in abundance!



An important announcement from Colleen Struck, Community Outreach Coordinator of the Aurora West Allis Medical Center Education Department, which may be beneficial to you or to someone you know, is as follows.


‘HEALING After the Loss of a Loved One Due to Addiction” is the title of a FREE support group offered there.  It’s for survivors of the passing of a loved one due to addiction or drug related deaths.  This group provides a supportive environment that fosters healing, hope, & recovery with consideration of the unique circumstances of a death related to substance use.  For mature adolescents & adults only, the program meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Aurora West Allis Medical Center, 8901 W. Lincoln Ave. West Allis, WI 53227.  NO REGISTRATION is required for this program; those who wish more information may call 414-328-7524.


THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES appear in each of our Messengers, sometimes identical from one month to the next, & sometimes with small changes (such as the monthly suggestion for the Good Samaritan food pantry.)  Are you wondering WHY we continue to include them?  They’re here just as a REMINDER, that we need YOUR HELP as we support these ministries.  


INTERFAITH  WEST  CENTRAL  urgently needs VOLUNTEER DRIVERS  for the holiday season.  The DRIVERS bring Interfaith clients to needed appointments: doctor, hairdresser, dentist, etc.  Even if you’re able to drive only once in a while,  your help will be valued.  If you’re able to take clients with walkers, please let Interfaith know.   Call Tammy Hero, Director of West Central Neighborhood Outreach Older Adult Programs, 414-774-1747.


THE  GUEST  HOUSE  reminds us that EVEN THOUGH THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER,   this wonderful organization, which helps men in transition, both “in shelter” & in permanent housing, still has serious needs, now that winter has arrived with a vengeance.  We’ve been helping The Guest House for many years, & plan to continue helping with their ministry. Their current WISH LIST includes the following (all items MUST be new):

  • Gloves, hats, warm socks
  • Men’s sneakers (size 10-13)
  • Men’s pajama pants
  • Men’s slippers
  • Men’s jeans (34x32, 36 x 32, & 38 x 32)
  • Men’s sweatshirts
  • Men’s watches
  • Men’s wallets
  • $10 gift cards to Walmart or Walgreen’s
  • Backpacks
  • Bed pillows
  • Underwear



REMEMBER to order  SCRIP each month, on the 2nd Sunday.  The  GIFT  CARDS you’ll receive return a percentage of purchase to GAPC !  Why is SCRIP  so wonderful?  Its  because you can use it for things you ordinarily buy anyway; & because it makes the PERFECT  GIFT for birthdays, anniversaries, “just because” gifts, & more.  Who can’t use a GAS CARD, or a GROCERY CARD, or one of the MANY others you can purchase???

We HOPE our newsletter & announcements on Sunday morning will inspire you to PURCHASE as much SCRIP as possible whenever we offer it!!  It’s such a PAINLESS way to help our church!  Here are just a few possibilities:  PICK ’N SAVE,  SAM’S CLUB, WAL-MART, MENARD’S, SPEEDWAY,  & KOHL’S)  There are MANY, MANY more, so many that we just DON’T have room to list them all.  Please do look over the Scrip pages in the narthex, so you can decide well in advance which ones you want to order.    Then, when you need a gift card for any special occasion -- a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or baby gift, a graduation gift – or simply a gas card for yourself – place your order with Church Treasurer JT  & your gift cards will be here the next week!   It’s one of the best ways you can help out the church budget AND have cards to use for things you’d buy anyway!


We support GOOD SAMARITAN OUTREACH CENTER’S FOOD  PANTRY, & each month, we suggest a CHALLENGE  ITEM  for you to donate,  as generously as possible.  Remember, you may donate ANY non-perishable food items at ANY time!  Good Samaritan reminds us that:  “Your contribution of food is more significant because it enables Good Sam’s to provide greater variation in the food that we distribute.  We tend to provide our community members with a somewhat routine menu of food, & we are delighted to be able to surprise them with different foods.”  For  January,  we suggest SOUP. 


                                                        See the source image

Don’t forget to help us as we continue to support WILSON SCHOOL!  We’ve started our 5th  year helping this WAWM elementary school by making donations of back packs & school supplies.  This school, (like so many others in the area) has a significant number of students whose parents, through no fault of their own, cannot afford the necessary school supplies.  Teachers & administrators often dig deep into their own pockets to provide for these children, whom they care about so deeply.   This this is a year-long, ongoing mission for us, so once school is actually in session, we don’t stop bringing supplies … we keep providing them!    THANK  YOU!!!  


                                    DATES to SAVE … 

February 14 is Valentine’s Day … & it’s the day that Lent begins.  And so, we’ll have our  annual “MARDI GRAS Special Worship” on

                                        TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13

The event will take place at 6:30 that evening, & we’ll celebrate “Fat Tuesday”, (also known as “Shrove Tuesday”), the night before LENT begins. The service will be both meaningful, & fun!     and …

Our Annual Organ Concert, this year featuring Music Minister Sheri Masiakowski AND harpist Mary Radspinner will be held on Sunday, April 8, at 3:00 PM.   Do mark that date on your calendar, so you don’t miss it!  These two astonishingly talented women make “heavenly” sounds that are “music to our ears”!  We hope you’ll  INVITE  LOTS  OF  FRIENDS to be here with us!  Tell them RIGHT AWAY, so THEY can save the date!


January 2018 - CALENDAR




SUNDAYS  8:15 – 9:15 – Chancel Choir practices


SUNDAY   9:30 AM   -   WORSHIP

and  at

10:45 AM -  Church School for all ages

Communion 1st  Sunday of each month, & on

Easter, Maundy Thursday &  Christmas Eve

2nd & 4th SUNDAYS - “Penny Sunday


3rd & 4th  WEDNESDAYS from

7:00-8:30 PM – Chancel Choir

practices in the sanctuary


THURSDAYS - 1:30 PM -People w/Arthritis Can Exercise

2nd THURSDAY of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM,

“Friends of Multiple Sclerosis” meet



“Spinning Yarns” knitting ministry


Pastor Kevin’s USUAL “Day Off” is Friday



NOTE:  Regular calendar events listed in the box above are NOT included below.


Sun, Jan 7   10:45 AM – “Un-Hang the Greens”


Mon, Jan 7   6:30 PM – P & J Committee meets


Tues, Jan 9   7:00 PM – Resources meets


Tues, Jan 16   7:00 PM – Session meets


Sun, Jan 28   10:45 AM – Annual Meeting in the Sanctuary  & Pot Luck Luncheon right after *


If the WEATHER outside is frightful, & you’re not sure whether or not we’ll be having Sunday services, please check WISN, CHANNEL  12 , for Church Closings.  If you don’t see our name listed there, & you’re still hesitant about venturing out – DON’T!  We want you to be SAFE, & if you’re concerned about driving here, then you shouldn’t go out.